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In your eyes...how did he whole God thing start?how can he still be a topic of o

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    gothishereposted 6 years ago

    In your eyes...how did he whole God thing start?how can he still be a topic of our every day lives?

    in your eyes...were did the whole God thing start?how could he still be common topic of our every day lives?

  2. mikegws profile image59
    mikegwsposted 6 years ago

    I would say there are two explanations:

    1)  Evolution.  People under stress simplify their thinking.  This is why an atheist has a death bed conversion or alcoholics turn to a higher power during Alcoholics Anonymous.

    2) Because there is a God.  Something started all of this and created what we live in today.

  3. KutterHighway profile image58
    KutterHighwayposted 6 years ago

    Its very complicated and revolves around early humans trying to make sense of natural phenomena and cultural differences. These early people had no science or research.They thought that horrifying things like earthquakes, flash floods, celestial phenomena, and the sun and moon were ruled by invisible gods that would send the waters to drown them, or shake the earth with his might.

    This evolves from a very common thinking process in which unrelated events get tied directly to some problem, disease, or perceived punishment. Rulers learned that through this fear of the unknowable, people could be manipulated to serve and be obedient.

    Incidentally, my hub talks about this very issue.

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    M. T. Dremerposted 6 years ago

    KutterHighway pretty much summed it up. Humans have a natural urge to figure things out, but we can only do so with the limited knowledge we are provided. Before science had explanations for a lot of things, it really was more logical to assume some sort of god was doing it. Once we learned more, however, god started making less and less sense. The reason he stuck around is because (like KutterHighway said) leaders used it as a means of power over the masses (and to form a system of law), but also because it is the easier route. Those who don't like science, or don't understand it, can just assume god is the answer. This is most evident in arguments between an atheist and a christian; the atheist will have to back up all of their claims with some different field of science fact in order to make any kind of point, while the christian can just sit back and answer 'god did it' to the same questions. That may be why atheists get so frustrated with religious counter-arguments as they are considerably easier to make (it's kind of a cop out).