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    Onelove786posted 8 years ago

    Welcome..read in the name of your Lord that created you. The Most High runs things.  One doent have to believe in God to read. Thank you for coming in to my page, Respect to you and your positivity, The world needs it today.

    We have an epedemic in society, not just in North America, but in every nation. Its the situatin of the Yonger generations, our youth, and the future generations to come.

    The children to day is our future tomorrow. When we get older, it is they who will lead, pondering on this thought, It crossed my mind that we humans will havem the most devastating problem in hand, if we dont do something about it now.  I nobserve this painful realization in many places I happen to go. We humans are controled by a material and media world. in return we have A misinformed, lost, scared even lazy and ungrateful younger generation.

    The essesnce of human life is being forgoten.
    The purpose of life is to strengthen and elevate each other.  We need to help them stabalize them selves and our future. I intend to do that by my online writing, books,and on the online radio show where we bring million of peopel around the world into Reading, learning , living and developing a consious individuals and society. we do this online and in real life..channel live..
    Asking all to open doors for your self and others..buy the books, read it, bless it and encourage others to read and prsent it to others.  A part of the proceeds will go to building Awarness around the world. 

    Look at our youth..yes they are beautifull..handsome, educated some rich, some ok.and MOST  on the struggle to establish. we also have a lazy, ungrateful, disrespectful, younger generation, who has least or no respect for themselfs or others..Using and abusing has become normal. All that the older people from past to present built for them is just not even appreciated. They didnt build nothing. not the highways nor the economy. So resepct and gratitude to all who made it possible for us is a big Key in life.

    From cave to castle man has evolved but where are we going. IF WE humans  wake up, be honest within, realzie, read, learn and grow, this world will be a safer, loving and a blessing.  If we prepare and teach the younger generations we have shot at creating success and successfull lives to many and our future generations. it begins with me and you .

    786OneLove NGO- Global Online Bringing humanity higher awareness, Inspirational wisdom, and abundance in many areas of life.. all you have to do is have an open mind, spread the word, read, learn, think and grow rich in many areas of your life..
    remember self investment towards your highest potential is the best and biggest investment one can make for yourself, others and your children.
    anyone who likes and sees our vision . may join me at
    www.facebook.com  add Soraya HMD

    Heres some writing from my 786 OneLove Book series..
    786 = In the name of GOD ( its the numerical code for it)

    We are the world
    Lets be gentle, while e live in it, walk gently on it, we are going under it, Therefore treat it well, so that, it will treat us gently when we go under it.

    ITS TRUE - A gentle hand should rule the lands

    Learn to be good in every role in life, master it if you can, be happy doing it.

    Love YOurself, Avoid, Hurting your self and others.
    Avoid thoughts and actins that will harm, destruct and which will serve as barrier's in manifesting a blessed life of, peace, abundance and honour.

    Its o.k. to have made mistakes, It makes us wiser, and will help build courage and character, if we look at it as a lesson in the journey of life! Learn from it, Its wasteful energy to be stubborn and angry. It only weakens one. Avoid it. Its harmful to the well being of human spiritual developmment and is a major barrier for a successful life.

    The key is to forgive yourself, and forgive others. Then Forget it. Completely, wipe it out from memory..Delete it.
    Forgiving means, getting past and beyound anger, anger stems from ego. all this stems from fear. No one is right or perfect.  waste not time Planning revenge , chose not to take revange, instead try being generous with your patience when people mess up. See how great you can be..And laugh at it.Love yourself too, that you are that type of person,, who has so much goodness. believe it you are good, you are born good. you come from good. so you must be good..lol....Blessings and peace upon you.

    Revenge is for the Most High. Let the creator deal with it. We humans are supposed to live, love, laugh, read, and chill..be cool, be you ..keep it real.

    Do the best you an, feed the poor, encourage compassion and  wisdom, Be a light to this world, contribite to human development of mankind. Money is not the only way to helpsomeone. Develop Empathy, compassion, manners and modesty. This will strengthen your Life Foundation.

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    dejajolieposted 8 years ago

    this is too long for a forum, this is public and not your private page... this should be a hub!

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    Crazdwriterposted 8 years ago

    I agree with dejajlie...this should be a hub and plus shoudn't be in the Need help forum but in the religious thread...but again hub it not thread it...