An Interesting Topic For Debate

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  1. yoshi97 profile image62
    yoshi97posted 9 years ago

    If two men stand on a hilltop and tell you the method for deliverance and both say the opposite is wrong ... how do we know who to believe?

    I ask the question because I believe this is the true problem with faith. To make matters worse, everyone interprets the bible differently for us, then faults us for not interpreting it the same way.

    Who's right? Who's wrong? Should we listen to anyone?

    I think more would be involved with religion if it spoke with one voice instead of so many different ones. Case in point, England was a very religious country back in the Dark Ages when there was one church and belief ruling over many.

    Now, with cultures intermixing there are so many beliefs thrown at us that contradict one another. Who are we to believe?

    Your thoughts?

    1. frogdropping profile image85
      frogdroppingposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      My thoughts went something along the lines of:
      Mission Impossible smile

      And this is the second time in one day I've pottered around the religion sub-forum.

      Therefore I shall now back out, slowly, quietly and with my eye on the door wink

    2. earnestshub profile image87
      earnestshubposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I would have expected that with the way the church treated people then would have cured people of religion for good! lol

    3. wyanjen profile image80
      wyanjenposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Why do we assume either one is correct?
      They both need to get themselves down off that stupid hill.
      I'm starting to gather up some rocks...


  2. profile image0
    Denno66posted 9 years ago

    I would think that common sense is the best path. When you follow your own path you take that power away from someone else who doesn't always have your best interests at heart.

    1. Jerami profile image68
      Jeramiposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          I think that you should take the advice from the one who is going to take responsible for you.
          What ?  nobody else ?  I guess you are elected to take responceability. Listen to your own heart and pray.

  3. profile image56
    Gracious Octoberposted 9 years ago

    I guess in the end ou believe the God within yourself and truat that He/She will guide you to what it is exactly that you are to believe. Good luck in your journey.

  4. rebekahELLE profile image87
    rebekahELLEposted 9 years ago

    I think we are born with everything we need for a reason.
    there are plenty of ways to learn, and yet how many really know who they are?

  5. Jane@CM profile image61
    Jane@CMposted 9 years ago

    Even today, the church does not treat people all that well. 

    I finally realized - light bulb moment - that I didn't NEED church or a religion - I just need my own beliefs.

  6. kess profile image60
    kessposted 9 years ago

    The issue is neither deep nor technical to work out.
    As long as men harbours selfish thoughts and ideas so as to exalt himself above his neighbor, there will always be division and disagreement.
    For such ones will never honor truth as truth and their hearts will forever be impure.
    This is the norm in our society especially amongst the religious denominations.

    But when we seek to the needs of our neighbors above ours with all selflessness then we will be eager to see truth as truth, thus cultivating a pure heart, from which unity would flourish abundantly establishing the Kingdom of God (all Goodness and perfection.)

    This is the simplistic of concept that Jesus meant when He said we should be "born again" to see the kingdom of God.       

    Remember Jesus himself is the "truth" that purifies the heart. 
    And any who seeks within after truth to purifies his heart, this man does not need religion for justification for Truth ( Christ) is already his justification.


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