What can witchcraft do to someone?

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    shallnotbenamedposted 5 years ago

    What can witchcraft do to someone?

    I am only 22 and have always been ubber curios about witchcraft, but around my 18th birthday I started having deja vu moments like I have already seen things happen, now its getting stronger and everything I have looked up says witchcraft. I know things like weather of when something bad is gonna happen to someone...ect. please email me if you think you can help me understand this .. mmna@live.ca

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    belleartposted 5 years ago

    I used to follow witchcraft/wicca as a child.  My biological mother is very into it and swears by it so naturally I was intrigued growing up. 
    I studied tonnes of books- old, new, dummy guides, everything i could get my hands on.  Over time I noticed that in the earlier years of paganism and the Wicca religion, it wasn't about the witchcraft we know today that casts spells on people and has powers. It was about being one with nature and using the natural power from the earth to heal, pray and carry out rituals. 
    I do know what you are talking about with the deja vu, happens me all the time.  Always has.  I can honestly say that after spending ten years looking and hoping for some sort of real witchcraft, I found nothing.  I don't think what your experiencing is anything to do with it.
    Some people can just pick up on certain things subconsciously and they can read people well without even realising their doing it. I think you might be falling into that category.  an aunt of mine would always be able to tell if someone was ill or sick before they even felt the symptoms.  she wasnt a nurse, had no medical experience, and yet, she knew when people were falling ill.

    I hope this helps.  Here's a site I think you should look at:

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    BizGenGirlposted 4 years ago

    It seems like you're asking the question in terms of what the "signs and symptoms", so to speak, of being a witch or person of natural magickal abilities (rather than, "what can witchcraft do to another person").

    In that sense, the only way to know if what you are experiencing is a natural energy in you to follow a path of one of the many "crafts", is if it feels right to YOU. There are plenty of scientific and even metaphysical explanations for Deja Vu, though none of them bring quite the same level or wonder of amazement in lifes little nuances, as knowing in your heart that it's magick.

    Not to mention, while there are plenty of ways that science and skeptics can find to disprove magick in their own lives, there is no official way to explain everything in this world from an empirical point of view. Like most spiritual paths and beliefs, what can not be proven, can also not be disproved. wink