Where did the RH NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPE originate from?

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    row88posted 5 years ago

    Where did the RH NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPE  originate from?

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    Farmer Rachelposted 5 years ago

    It's generally believed that Rh- is a caucasian thing and originated in northern Europe/Scandinavia. It simply means that you don't have a protein called the D antigen, AKA the Rh Factor.
    If a woman is Rh- and is carrying a baby that is Rh+ then she has to get a shot to conteract the buildup of antibodies in her immune system that would cause spontaneous abortion of future Rh+ babies.

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    lone77starposted 5 years ago

    Anthropologists have long been puzzled by influxes of peoples to Western Europe throughout human prehistory. They don't know where they came from.

    But the highest incidence of O-type and Rh-negative is found in the Basques and other Western Europeans. These may well be the children of Atlantis.

    The problem that @Farmer Rachel mentions concerning birthing problems with Rh-negative mothers may have helped to keep the Atlantean refugees' birthrates low so that the more fertile Eurasian populations eventually overwhelmed them despite their superior technology.

    The Atlanteans, according to Plato, had a great cavalry and a great navy. This may be where many of the myths came from, including the myth of centaurs -- half man, half horse. To the surprised natives of Eurasia, a man on horseback may have looked to be one creature, especially when their level of surprise kept them from noticing the details of equipment and clothing.

    The myth of Atlantis is very similar to the myth of Metis and Athena. Metis may well have been Atlantis in its latter days, while Athena represented the refugees born fully mature and with weapons and armor. That Metis and Athena were both female may indicate that Atlantis and the refugees were matriarchal societies. Something Plato might not have included because of patriarchal prejudices.

    Another, possibly related group, are the Georgians of the Caucasus. I believe they also have high Rh-negative, speak an agglutinative language with affinities to Basque, and they are the ones who had the Golden Fleece and the golden dragon which protected it. Artifacts from ancient Atlantis? And when Jason's ex-wife left her second husband, king of Athens, she was seen flying away on a golden dragon. If her disappointment with the men in her life led her to form a band of women warriors, what better name to have given them than "Ama-Atlan" (Amazon, or "Mother Atlantis").

    We also have scientific evidence of an Atlantis-like event occurring right when Plato's legendary island was supposed to have subsided -- 9600 BC.