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Why people are mean and super-selfish?

  1. poojasd7 profile image60
    poojasd7posted 5 years ago

    Why people are mean and super-selfish?

    Sometimes I find people changing their colors all of a sudden. They seem so cold, mean and super-selfish. Why is it so?

  2. carolp profile image78
    carolpposted 5 years ago

    I think it depends how we were brought up from our parents, the environment, family, friends, neighbors that influence us since our childhood.

    People might change because their life changes...if they have more of life to offer and share or they have nothing at all to give or spend due to financial crisis.

    People who work hard and count every penny for their budget and just make execuses or find reasons...or people who have millions but don't have the heart to share or spend for they have forgotten how it is to be kind and sharing in their lives where they used to be, all their friends have everything.

    So many people forget "it is better to give than to receive".

  3. baygirl33 profile image61
    baygirl33posted 5 years ago

    sometimes people try to be nice because it's a good thing in itself.But if this is done for selfish reasons it soon shows.As you say,they change their colors when they no longer find it necessary to be nice.
    People are generally a product of their up-bringing and their environment.
    Often life makes people mean.Because they have been treated badly,that is how they respond.
    If this is a friend,try to understand the reason behind the behavior. Remember we all have to forgive our friends their shortcomings if we are their friend.  This doesn't mean let them walk on you,but it does mean try to be understanding.

  4. Darrell Roberts profile image69
    Darrell Robertsposted 5 years ago

    Hmm, I understand that many people are ego driven. Their only concern is to get what they want and they view others as objects, instead of sentient beings.  You find that people change their colors all of a sudden, because it is hard to pretend for too long.

    People usually put their best foot forward, to try to impress the other person into liking them and thinking that they are a good person.  Then if they do not get the result that they want from the other person, fustration sets begins.  This fustration will be displayed in the relatinoship. 

    If a person truly likes and care about the other person, then, they will want the other person to be happy. When they cannot get what they wnt from the other person, they will not get fustrated, instead they will respect the choices of the other person and care about them just the same. 

    People seem cold sometimes because they are afraid to open themselves to getting hurt.  History is not a very pleasant thing to read on this planet.  People are careful about being a victim. 

    All in all, I would consider who are the people that you are speaking about. What culture are they from? What is their personal back story? I tell my friends that if you want to find nice people, the best place to seek them out is in a church, temple, or other house of worship.  Most people believe that the creator is a loving being, one that rewards good deeds and punishes bad deeds.  in all honesty, they are most likely to try to walk the path of kindness, than other people who are driven by their own personal agenda.

    I hope this helps you.  Best wishes.