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Do you think God could be a giant consciousness, constructed by all the minds in

  1. ChapmanHester profile image70
    ChapmanHesterposted 4 years ago

    Do you think God could be a giant consciousness, constructed by all the minds in the Universe?

    Imagine an "ALL KNOWING GOD", knowing everything You and I know, along with everything else that is alive or has ever been alive, and having a perfect memory of every detail.  What would we look like to him?  Would we still be important to God? Would God think about us?  Would God look at us as we would look at the brain's cells? Is the Universe or the Multiverse a construct for the Mind of God?  Would we ever be able to truly know?  Is there any way to proove it either way? What do you think?


  2. tvs290 profile image60
    tvs290posted 4 years ago

    Universe It's Self is the Creator, Destroyer, Stabilizer.

    we are part of universe where when there was nothing Not even darkness we see now in the outer space. Suddenly It became alive Darkness was the first thing (Living & Non Living & Non existing) to be auto created. I can go on forever with explanation of Who is the True God or is it just our forcible Imagination to believe that there is something out there which made/created us and everything we see feel there is in this universe.

    For Me the God is Nothing but the Universe it's Self .

    1. ChapmanHester profile image70
      ChapmanHesterposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Personally I've always thought of the Multiverse as a Multidimensional Intelligence Construct for a "God Like Entity"

  3. ameliam.michelle1 profile image78
    ameliam.michelle1posted 4 years ago

    There are multiple beliefs to this theory, scientists often say that there is a presence of multiverse with each universe governed by its own norms and conventionalities.

    Well as with other contentious theories, this theory too has its own critics and supporters. The presence of a giant consciousness is yet another theory propounded by scientists. But, the intricacies are too elusive to be solved in our lifetime.

    I wish this could happen, as I am extremely curious about things like multiverse, presence of god, dark matter, time travel and other such elusive and tantalizingly mind-numbing theories.
    I do think that universe has an end as proved by the presence of microwave gamma rays emitted at the genesis that scientists are detecting now. The problem, however, is that the end is way too far to be observed, Hey what do you think we will find at the edge of universe. Scientists say as the time and space started from the advent of universe, there would be vaccum and nothingness. I wonder what that nothingness would be like? Any answers?

    Well, in my point, the whole universe is a series of interrelated incidences and events. And, I do hope that one day all these mysteries will be revealed