Is there a parallel between ice bergs in the ocean and humans in the world?

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  1. Tusitala Tom profile image66
    Tusitala Tomposted 5 years ago

    Is there a parallel between ice bergs in the ocean and humans in the world?

    We know that ice bergs float in water and are made of water therefore, apart from their form - which is due to a temperature drop - they are made of the same thing.   They are therefore one with the oceans.  Are human beings one with each other in the ocean of a Universal Mind?  Is separation an illusion?

  2. Harishprasad profile image80
    Harishprasadposted 5 years ago

    You say it as Universal Mind and  the sages of yore has termed it as the One Absolute or Brahman Alone and everything that exists or not exists for us is directly or indirectly is a form or attribute of that single entity. It is because of feeling oneness with that One Absolute that one finds peace in his/ her life. This feeling of oneness comes from reveling in the basic permanent values such  as love, faith, affection, compassion , truthfulness, simplicity,   honesty etc. The One Absolute is like a Great Ocean and though.                    He is that what exists and also what does not exist for us and  also that what languages fail to define. In fact, He is everything  and we are also part of Him alone. When we are equipped with  right strings to play, we hear a song of that Oneness and when  we are deaf to sounds of love, sanity, purity, reciprocity and so on and instead indulge in malice, hate, killing, violence, falsehood,                       destruction, pollution and other negative tendencies- we are  thrown poles apart from the vision of that One Absolute. Though it  is my religious perspective of viewing that Oneness, even an  atheist long for that unity, harmony, peace, tranquility,   truthfulness, sanity and so on. So, In Unity we all usher in and in  inculcating negative traits, we put that vibrating Oneness to sleep  and thus we are rarely awake with our mind, heart and soul although  we are awake with our eyes. The sages also say that  we all are deluded by this illusion when we do not see this  equality and oneness in the whole existence. To feel oneness in        the whole universe is a great feat and even the sharpest minds wander to have a little bit of glimpse of it but we should start with our homes and then gradually shift to neighborhood,country,world , universe and then ultimately to that One and Absolute or God, Ishwar, Reality, Ultimate Truth, Salvation, Liberation or whatever name as we like it.

    1. manatita44 profile image82
      manatita44posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Long answer, but close enough to what I would say. I suspect that Tusitala would more or less see your point of view. Much peace, Hariprasad.

  3. meletakery profile image58
    meletakeryposted 5 years ago

    Through quick perspective, one might agree that there is a parallel.  However, ice bergs do not choose to be composed differently.  It is this difference that then eliminates much when perceiving a parallel illusion.
    While no individual is an island, the fact that each human has a self-controlled mind eliminates the ability to perceive a Universal Mind.  The collusion found within the human extends beyond temperance drop because there is no Universal Mind that generates the mind within the individual.
    Simply stated, Icebergs are made of fresh water and they float in salt water - not exactly the same - just as the human mind is not a Universal Mind.
    The true answer to your question is NO!

    1. Tusitala Tom profile image66
      Tusitala Tomposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      A think the concept of a 'self-controlled mind' is a bit of long bow.  Most people have little control over their minds.  However, I think I know where your coming from.  They I do not agree there is not a Universal Mind.

    2. meletakery profile image58
      meletakeryposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      A self-controlled mind is one that seeks truth continually regardless of media hype.  It requires full diligence by the individual to achieve success.  No universal mind will ever exist because everyone chooses different lifestyle paths for Freedom.


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