Whom are reincarnation of gods

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    peter565posted 3 years ago

    Whom are reincarnation of gods

    Some religion believe at time of need, gods reincarnate to become man, to lead man, but it is men's choice of whether to listen to god's wisdom. If that is the case, I recon these people must be reincarnation of gods? Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Medulla, George Washington, Windsor Churchill.  This is just naming a few, whom do you think might be the reincarnation of a god?

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    C.V.Rajanposted 3 years ago

    None of them. Of course their contribution to society cannot be underestimated, but they cannot be equated to incarnations. People who wielded worldly power are not incarnations of God. Incarnations possess powers to elevate men spiritually. To spread universal love, to serve humanity; to guide, help and support earnest spiritual seekers to attain their goal, to rekindle faith in God among common people, To restore dharma to suit the needs of the times.

    In Hinduism, there have been continuous stream of incarnations (If you are curious to know, you can read this article: http://cvrajan.hubpages.com/hub/Why-Con … aged-Part1

    In Christianity, After Jesus Christ,  I believe  Saint Francis of Assisi was an incarnation.