Is there free lesson on witchcraft

  1. Kristy Harvey profile image57
    Kristy Harveyposted 3 years ago

    Is there free lesson on witchcraft

    Witchcraft course and lesson .. how to.. studying.

  2. Lionrhod profile image80
    Lionrhodposted 3 years ago

    If you go my profile (click my profile pic) and go to About Lionrhod: Writing In Character, you'll find my book on crafting spells. I also have some other articles on witchcraft.

    WiccanSage (another author here) also has a huge number of articles on witchcraft.

    I don't teach Wicca and Witchcraft online because I believe that part of being an effective teacher is knowing the student in person, and I feel that most online witchcraft courses are trying to get paid for something that should be free.

    I believe we can charge for classes on specific subjects, such as astrology and psychic development, etc, but that teaching the Craft itself (the religion) should always be free.

    If you have more specific questions, message me and I'll be happy to answer the ones I can..