What Does Being Born Again Mean In Christianity?

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  1. PhoenixV profile image66
    PhoenixVposted 8 years ago

    What Does Being Born Again Mean In Christianity?

  2. profile image0
    Kathleen Hilerposted 8 years ago

    All people are born with a need to be saved from their sins to enter heaven where there is no sin. We are in a fallen state inherited from Adam. When a person realizes his sinfulness and how he can't stop ..because of a natural tendency to sin..no power to stop..he turns in his mournfulness..blessed are those who mourn..to Jesus as ND asks Jesus to be the master of his life..to save him from himself..sinfulness..to forgive him for his sins to help him to stop..it is at that moment a man is sVed..his sins are forgiven his spirit is then born from above and given a new nature whereby he is more ax be to overcome..But the Christian must continue the journey of overcoming..sincerely trying to. In Christ power to grow and to keep what he has and must also continue to confess the failures..knowing Christ thru his word  is paramount to success.

  3. The0NatureBoy profile image57
    The0NatureBoyposted 8 years ago

    A scientific term for "born Again" is metamorphosis.  What it tells us is man are, shall we say, tadpoles swimming in a pond of materialism controlled by money and just following the traditions associated with money and materialism. When the tadpole fulfill its time it began changing into a frog and once it has changed it can not live in the pond but is required to live on land.  However, it can survive short periods in materialism but can not breathe water -- be attached to money, family nor goods (Matthew 19:29 & John 3:8) -- as a tadpole.  The frog must return to a pond to lay its eggs, sow spiritual seeds, in the water.

    Another way of saying it is material man are seasonal trees that incarnate a body [of leaves] over its life-force [wood] and produces their fruit before  discarnating that body of leaves in the fall.  Once a man fulfilled its time as a reincarnating being it goes through a metamorphosis where it is transformed into an evergreen tree [everlasting life] in preparation to go to another plane of existence where dis and incarnating is no longer. 

    In the metamorphosed state we have little to no interest in the material THINGS OF THE WORLD but our focuses is on understanding the purpose for everything. We will use some few material things as needed for sowing our seeds but are willing to let them go at a moment's notice.  Thus, born again man are man becoming wise (Daniel 12:10).

  4. connorj profile image70
    connorjposted 8 years ago


    The meaning of being born again within the Catholic Faith (the initial Christian Denomination) simply means everything.

  5. Sinbadsailorman profile image61
    Sinbadsailormanposted 8 years ago

    You will get quite a few variations of what It means to be a Born again Christian. First off we must understand that all natural human Flesh is Born Again. Why Because Human Flesh was created for the Fallen Sons of GOD that wished to accept the chance to repent. There are some that Fell that have not been reborn into free and Innocent Flesh Bodies. "The Let Us Create Man in our own Image" this is GOD and Satan. Who made us into the Images of GOD and Of Satan's imaginations. This is the Beginning of Time or The Great Correction as I like to refer to It. For those that Fell are all Falling Angels. We are all Falling Angels. The Original Sin Is Not Adams Alone but It is in fact carried Over from Satan and those Falling sons who refused the Chance to repent from their falling; while in the Garden of Eden. They still to this day claim that they are not wrong for falling. We must Know that they didn't actually fall but were cast out from Heaven by the other 2/3rds of Heaven. The rebirth is both Spiritual and Physical and There will be another at Christ the Lord Jesus's return. The acceptance of Guilt from being cast out and the failure to repent when first offered. Is the "Original Sin"! Yes Adam did also Fail! But His Sin is Not Our Sin. Ours is that of Lucifer's and Those who refuse to be reborn of Woman because of their Falling! This Falling Is every Living Beings Original Sin. Because we All who are here fell [Were Cast Out From Heaven] When One believes that they are a Sinner because they Fell and/Or that they Are in Need of Saving is when Most believe that they are born again...False! When One Accepts the Promise of Grace they Change Yes! Why? They receive the Lord's Peace! That the Promise is True and that Jesus has completed the Conditions That secure their freedom From Death{Satan}Lucifer and the Others that refused Repentance. Nicodemus ? Christ About this and Christ Stated that at Least one was reborn Again that they would in No Wise Re-enter into GOD's Grace. This is where most derive their Born Again beliefs. Just a little Confused Christ was speaking About those who refused the First Offer of repentance. The second rebirth is when All Flesh is melted away because the Truth is Now known to the Whole World that Christ is the Lord of Lords or is in fact the Great I Am GOD! this rebirth returns Us to Our former Estate or State of being Created by GOD alone and incorruptible or likely to Parrish[Die] Which is to be Separated from GOD where is NO life

  6. Danny Cabaniss profile image70
    Danny Cabanissposted 8 years ago

    The phrase comes from the gospel of John, the third chapter, and a conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, and Jesus tells Nicodemus "you must be born again."  It can also be translated "born from above."  It means we are in need of salvation.


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