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What is the importance of supplication?

  1. Khawaja Iqbal profile image71
    Khawaja Iqbalposted 2 years ago

    What is the importance of supplication?


  2. manatita44 profile image84
    manatita44posted 2 years ago

    Folding hands, if this is your meaning, intensifies the Heart's aspiration and assists the mind's purity to come forward easier. It is like a magnet that draws Light by way of its devotion to God from within or above.

    Supplication invokes humility as well as a feeling of positive helplessness and a reliance on Something Higher. Much, or all of this, relies upon inner intensity; yearning or longing, without which it is very difficult to attract Grace, the One Thing that ultimately transforms our outer and inner nature.

    So Prayer or Supplication, whether it's prostration, on bended knees, dance, breath or meditation, by nature invokes, through earnestness and devotion, the Light of the Divine. False Prayer, a prayer which is lukewarm and without intensity, does not or cannot climb and will have minimal or no effect. Sincerity is paramount for Supplication.

    "When you are in a very high spiritual mood and you fold your hands, you are bowing to your own aspiring self. When you fold your hands with an immediate inner feeling, your lower self is becoming one with your higher self. Then there is a continuous, sweet feeling, like a river flowing into the ocean.

    The seeker is the river, and the Master is the ocean. The natural course of the river is to flow into the ocean. Then it will become the ocean. But if the river does not feel that it must merge with the ocean, then even if it sees the ocean it will take a wrong course or just meander aimlessly. ...

    The seeker has to feel that he is a river, and that the goal of the river is to flow the fastest and enter into the ocean. The seeker must recognise the necessity to enter into the Master. It should be with this kind of feeling that you fold your hands." -Sri Chinmoy.

    1. manatita44 profile image84
      manatita44posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Note. I do not like the word 'false' perhaps 'weak' is a better word. So 'weak prayer.' I'm correcting myself. (smile)

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    Norine Williamsposted 2 years ago

    Well, Khawaja - GOD is a Spirit and they that worship (or pray) MUST worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24)!   As we all know "God looks at the heart" (I Samuel 16:7) and therefore, can see what we have need of BEFORE we ask!  He also KNOWS if we are praying earnestly or have a "Motive" for asking!

    With that being said, Ephesians 6:18 says "Praying ALWAYS with all prayer and "Supplication" IN THE SPIRIT, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints."

    Therefore, we MUST pray with "supplication" (honesty) when praying to GOD!  Believe me, HE KNOWS!