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Have you ever had a near death experience?

  1. writerjrose profile image78
    writerjroseposted 21 months ago

    Have you ever had a near death experience?


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    pippapposted 21 months ago

    I recently had a near-death experience of a kind.  I had an abscessed tooth that landed me in hospital having emergency surgery.  The infection had begun to close my airway, deformed a bone and stopped my mouth from opening.

    I was taken to hospital where the doctor was unsure if I would survive the surgery; but, it was guaranteed that I would not live more than a couple of days without it.  While I didn't see any white lights or long tunnels, I did experience a total change in my thinking.  I was amazed at the number of things that suddenly were totally irrelevant in my life.

    It has been two months now and I am still busy rearranging my life.  It's amazing how many material possessions I have donated to charity because they are no longer relevant in my life.  I am also doing more to nurture my soul.  I am much more content with my life now and realize that old adage is true - You can't totally appreciate life until you have faced death.

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      writerjroseposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Wow, I really appreciate you sharing your story. Cant believe you went through all of that because of a tooth. It's great that you're more content in life now. Thanks for this eye opener. smile

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    Angele Parrisposted 21 months ago

    I will assume that near-death experience means a description of a time, when you were at death’s door, but came back to earth.

    When I was young, I had my tonsils taken out.  I have no recollection of the earthly incident, or what people around me saw.  I know I was in a state of fits after the operation, because the girl in the bed beside me had her tonsils removed the day before my operation. She was seizing violently for a long time after her operation.  This took place in a Jamaican hospital, back in the days. She was a state of fits for a few minutes before they put rails with no padding to prevent her from falling off the bed. So she kept hitting her head against the rails till the seizure stopped. When I woke up after my operation, I saw rails by my bed, so I knew I must have had the same experience in real life.

      When I woke up after the operation, I was in the hospital. At first I was normal, merely trying to figure out where I was, then I started crying non-stop, because I thought no-one was coming to get me out of the hospital.  When I woke up the next morning, my grand-mother was there to get me. I cried so much the day before,  that they allowed me to leave the hospital with my grand-mother.

    As a child I remember visiting God’s Well in Milk River. God’s Well is a very deep hole, it seemed like the Grand Canyon to a child. I was afraid to go up to the hole to look into it, so a policeman lifted me on his shoulder, and took me to the look into the well.  I do not think this deep, wide hole was man-made or they would not have called it God’s Well.  I told many people who lived in the area of my trip to God’s Well but no one seem to have heard of God’s Well.  This makes me question if God’s  Well still exists or ever existed.