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What is the most reliable way to get past self doubt and hesitation?

  1. threekeys profile image80
    threekeysposted 20 months ago

    What is the most reliable way to get past self doubt and hesitation?

    Is self doubt well grounded fear? Or is it actually a stage of action via inaction? What if you felt time is pertinent yet the pressure is freezing you not freeing you? And its a mystery as to the why.


  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 20 months ago


    Take action.
    One of the reasons people don't is because they're not happy with their perceived "options". Another reason is they {dread the effort} required without there being a "guarantee" it work out.
    "Don't wish it was easier, wish you were (better). Don't wish for less problems, wish for more (skills). Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more (wisdom)." - Jim Rohn
    Inaction IS action. It's throwing in the towel!
    The "law of attraction' doesn't replace the "law of action".
    Even a lottery winner has to take the action of purchasing a ticket.
    Life is short. You might as well swing for the fences!
    The world may not owe you anything but (you) owe yourself the world!

  3. savvydating profile image95
    savvydatingposted 20 months ago

    If someone is at the point where they are unable to take action because they feel "frozen," this may be a simple case of anxiety disorder. A good doctor can prescribe the right type of medication to help "unfreeze" you. It is also imperative to take advantage of some behavior modification classes from a good psychologist. The two things work together.
    It is then that one is able to move forward with more confidence. Afterward, it will be a matter of allowing yourself into territory which is uncomfortable, such as conflict between friends, colleagues or what have you. A good doctor can walk you through these scenarios so that you know how to handle them. There is hope!

  4. Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image77
    Dr CHE Sadaphalposted 20 months ago

    Experience has shown me that in many cases, self-doubt and hesitation isn't a reflection of fear at all. It's simply a reflection of lack of clarity and an the lack of knowledge about how to proceed.

  5. WordCrafter09 profile image79
    WordCrafter09posted 20 months ago

    I'd say to stay away from people who either doubt your ability/credibility (but not their own), or else those who have no faith in anyone, including themselves.  If you already have your own (maybe reasonable) reasons for not taking some action, and/or if you already have doubt that, maybe, you shouldn't have; you don't need someone else who probably doesn't know their foot from their elbow when it comes to you, your situation, your history or personal aims hammering away at you with their ignorance, aggressiveness, personal agenda, or whatever else makes someone work (intentionally or not) at diminishing someone else's confidence.

    You're you.  They're them.  Hang onto the difference between who/what you are/deal with and who/what they are/deal with; and severely limit your exposure to such people.  Just don't bother with them.