What was YOUR most horrifying, if not terrifying nightmare & how did it affect y

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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago

    What was YOUR most horrifying, if not terrifying nightmare & how did it affect you?


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    ptosisposted 19 months ago


    Oh, I still remember it better than what I dreamt last night. I was a kid. and watched a lot of Outer Limits & Twilight Zone.

    And I incorporated 3 shows into one nightmare (great)
    1 Trilogy of Terror, the Zuni fetish doll,
    2 Outer Limits monster season 1, that had a mouth on shoulder
    3 The body Snatchers

    It was only one of the very few times I dreamt of flying.

    Starts off Body Snatchers, except the replaced people all have a defect somewhere such as a droopy eye or ear. Whole family not human. Go outside to my dog princess and say, "At least I have you." when I notice dog's ear / eye droopy. Go to the wood shed for axe to put down fake dog. That's when the Outer Limits creature is there. I run like hell & just like the old shows, no matter how fast you run, it's in front of you. Realized there were two of them front / back of me. Bramble bushes on my left & right, only way out is up.  Knew I couldn't 'fly' for long so I tucked in my arms like a bird diving down hoping if I did it fast enough & swooped into the trunk right before the lady at the parking lot of the grocery store putting away groceries in her trunk closes it.

    I'm swooping down very fast with 'wings' tucked in like a bird of prey. That's when the lady looks up at me and smiles the Karen Black evil grin full teeth. I swooped back up in an aerial acrobatic and woke up in a sweat.That was over 45 years ago.

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      phoenix2327posted 18 months agoin reply to this

      I remember the Trilogy of Terror, especially the Karen Black sequence. The doll was just so relentless. No matter how hard Karen Black tried to kill it, he just kept coming at her. It was really frightening.