Buddhism V.S Yahwah faiths (Christian/Islam/Jew) on homosexuality, share ur thou

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    peter565posted 16 months ago

    Buddhism V.S Yahwah faiths (Christian/Islam/Jew) on homosexuality, share ur thought?

    A Buddhists priestess talking about Buddha's position on homosexuality says: Despite thinking it is odd, Buddha, isn't against gay love, he view all love gay or straight, have pro and cons. Rejecting love, is a con, but been in love, is also a con, because that can leads to obsession and can't let go, regardless of gay or straight love. The secret is able to love, but can let go and not be obsess. As for gay sex, Buddha has a view same as psychologist Sigmund Freud,  saying illness of mind origin from lust, regardless of gay or straight. But lust or love, gay or straight deserve no punishment.


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    tamarawilhiteposted 16 months ago

    Buddhism promotes emotional love but not sex in any form, but it does not consider homosexual physical relations equivalent to heterosexual ones.

    Judaism was unique in forbidding homosexuality; before that, there was a general view that being penetrated -whether male or female - was inferior to the penetrator but women were inferior because they could only be penetrated. Judaism said men having sex with men in any form was immoral, both to limit men's sexual efforts to their wives and encourage marriage and procreation.

    Islam and Christianity spring from Judaism, which is why they share this same view that sex is only between men and women and ideally only within the marriage bond.