Hindu symbols - Importance

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  1. profile image51
    gargeysmallposted 13 years ago

    Hindu Symbols
    (Hinduism A Perspective)

    In Hinduism much importance is given to the symbols than most other religions. The Hindu symbols range from the mark one puts on the forehead to the idols of the deities that get worshipped by the ardent Hindu devotees. Each one has its own significance.
    Why do Hindus regard symbols so much ?

    Hinduism at its core maintains that there is one God and many see It in different ways (Ekam sad viprAH bahuta vadanti). This God is Formless and is beyond the limitations of the comprehension. This is the basis on which many of the great sages meditate on this Supreme Being That is beyond any contours. So why are so many forms ? The God in Its natural form being very difficult to comprehend, leave alone loving that God and worshiping with devotion, the simple minds would certainly need a way through which they could worship the Boundless God in a fairly simplified manner. But at the same time it should not contradict the basis that the God is beyond forms in any way. Hinduism maintains that because of the abundant Grace of the God, It revealed Itself in the Holy symbols for the humans and other creatures to worship. These symbols are easy to comprehend for the minds of the normal human beings, but at the same time they are just symbols than objects themselves, which means that they symbolically indicate the God, Which is beyond the exploration of knowledge. Such symbols are the praNava (aum) which is held in high esteem by all sects of Hindus and the glorious shiva lingam (1) (meaning symbol of Shiva, the God) that is considered the most sacred symbol of worship for the Shaivites. The intention is that the Formless Supreme could be achieved by simpler means of these formless-forms - the symbols.

    In a way these Hindu symbols are abstract representation of the God. These are quite closer to the ideal as they form a bridge between the Formless one and the mind that expects a form. The simpler minds benefit better if the God could be correlated with the day to day lives they interact with. The God certainly is Graceful to the upliftment of the creatures, It took various forms in various occasions blessing either in valorous or joyful or yogic postures. There are numerous of these forms that Hindus worship in their temples, which are built in a gigantic manner with the patronage of various emperors that stand as the glorious homes of art and architecture. The mAhEshvara mUrthams (2) are good examples of such forms of God.

    In fact the Hindus wear various marks on their forehead that also have spiritual significance. For example the ash that the Shaivites wear represents the ash that the Supreme Flame - Lord Shiva has smeared on Him always. The same way the shrIchUrNa and the tilak have their significance and indications. In essence Hindus achieve the Supreme Things, by simple ways following the symbols.

        Oh God, Your Feet is beyond the worlds beneath
        and Your Crown beyond the universes above !
        You are Immeasurable, Unexplorable, Unimaginable !
        But how simple You have come as a shivalinga in my hand !!

    1. mohitmisra profile image60
      mohitmisraposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      The mark or tilak or bindi on the forehead is meant to instigate and irritate the third eye into action.

      There is only one god but many enlightened ones who merged with god and they are given respect like god.Same with Christianity Jesus and god both are equally respected.

      Its is easier to start with a form and then got into the formless attributes of god.

      The Shiva Linga represents god , the centre pillar is considered as the source of light and the circle around the emanations of god.

      The ash worn by Shiva and the other sages is used to ward of cold.Then ashes are also the products of their Dhonis, or fireplaces where they perform prayers. smile

      1. ShivParvathi profile image60
        ShivParvathiposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        lol is there anything you don't know about.
        You answer everything.

        1. mohitmisra profile image60
          mohitmisraposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          I have devoted many years of my life in gaining knowledge, took 2 years off from everything in order to read. Yes there are many things I dont know. smile


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