Do love spells used through perfumes work?

  1. joyce kariuki profile image67
    joyce kariukiposted 10 months ago

    Do love spells used through perfumes work?

    Do love spells used through perfumes work? I have a friend who was not into a guy until he gifted her a perfume and watch for her birthday. Since then she has fallen for him hard after knowing him for just one week and after receiving those gifts. Could they have been charmed of spelled cause she's not the type to fall in love a few days after meeting someone.
    When I ask her what makes this guy so attractive, she doesnt know, when I ask her why she loves him, she doesnt know, she just loves him and its not like the guy made any moves.

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image96
    Jeremy Gillposted 9 months ago

    Hi Joyce!

    Scent (whether through perfume, cologne, or natural body aromas) has a strong impact on attraction to others. That said, I've never seen any evidence that a love potion, or in this case perfume, exists. It's more likely your friend was impressed by the gifts, which kindled her interest, or there is another factor at play we aren't aware of.