Is it good to keep 3 feng shui items in 1 room?

  1. priya shalini profile image59
    priya shaliniposted 9 months ago

    Is it good to keep 3 feng shui items in 1 room?

    objects are
    1-crystal globe
    2-drangon tortoise and 9 tier pagoda

  2. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 9 months ago

    From my understanding, a key to Feng Shui is the balance of Chi the universal energy. The purpose of the arrangement of objects such as furniture and adding enhancing objects within the map of energy areas is to create balance. That will cause a natural flow.

    Understanding Feng Shui takes a little bit of reading. If not done then it may only be decorating by gut feeling. But, gut feelings may be influenced by a natural connection to Chi. So, to say it is right or wrong is an open book subject to interpretation.

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    mumdevposted 9 months ago

    its fact and u need to believe it unconditionally, to see it working for you , be positive and sure about it ,