Why do I keep seeing the number 477 in my dreams? 747?

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    wayofwehenaposted 10 months ago

    Why do I keep seeing the number 477 in my dreams? 747?

    the dream I can most vividly remember right now is where I stepped on the scale and I was 477 lbs, and I was somehow happy about that. I weigh almost 200 lbs less than that now, so i'm confused on why I was happy about that. I think it may be hinting that my weight is gonna spiral out of control soon. but my biggest concern is that i've been seeing 7s and 4s all the time lately, and I don't know what they mean or what they can be hinting to. any thoughts?

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    nochanceposted 9 months ago

    Your brain has difficulty reading in dreams (try it out next time you realize you are dreaming. Read a newspaper, a sign, look away and look back, it will likely read something different or you will realize the words are jumbled).

    The majority of things in dreams are just symbols, or they are mirrors of things you see in your waking life. So if you are seeing 7's and 4's when you are awake and think they have meaning then they are likely to show up in your dreams where you think they will have more meaning.

    If you were happy about your weight in the dream then I don't think you should worry about it.