Do you get your moral guidance from the Bible?

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    lovetherainposted 6 months ago

    Do you get your moral guidance from the Bible?

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    manatita44posted 4 months ago

    Loosely speaking, morality is a sense of right and wrong; of living in harmony with society and nature.

    Yes, the Bible is full of it, but sometimes not laid out so well. However, the beatitudes are so powerfully touching!! Paul also gives sublime advice. The Psalms instill hope and inspiration and do ultimately help us. I also feel that the entire bible is useful in one form or the other, as we are all different and learn in different ways. Nothing is wasted.

    It is a bit like a flower garden. I like roses, but why should my wife not like tulips? I say all this, to avoid it being said that I'm biased here. I love the teachings of the Christ and Paul but love the Bible, in the same way I love my daughter's violin playing, but my son's computer skills.