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How do I know if my dead exhusband is attached to me and making me sick?

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    Vivian Hansenposted 3 months ago

    How do I know if my dead exhusband is attached to me and making me sick?

    Doctors can't find anything wrong. I believe his spirit is residing at my daughters house I have actually seen him there. He committed suicide over twenty years ago. I moved in with my daughter last spring to help her while she was going thru divorce. Woke up one day to something screaming my name I was alone in the house at the time all my kids and grandkids have had encounters.  His energy has been around since he died but seems to be stronger since my newest grandson was born.

  2. Lexy Parker profile image85
    Lexy Parkerposted 3 months ago

    Have you tried using pendulum magick? You could use this technique to ask him questions. You could also get a piece of black tourmaline - it protects against negative energies. I would also suggest you look into protection spells, make it clear you don't want him there - maybe even use the spell:

    "nothing and no one can follow me in here"

    when entering your home. Other forms of protection would be burning sage and sprinkling black salt around the perimeter of your house. I am a medium, so hopefully, this helps. If you need anything else feel free to ask.


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    sarahmark22posted 3 months ago

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    manatita44posted 2 months ago

    There is such a thing as disembodied souls and they tend to be people who die in horrible or incomplete ways. So you could be right. Not the husband, but the unsettled soul. Something is keeping him here. Spiritual Masters of a very high order, usually are able to free them or your own strength of Prayer.

    You need to be without fear and pray to the Divine with a devout conscience. If you cannot, then ask someone with a great deal of Purity for help. Spiritual Masters come in nearly every century. If your life is pure enough and your inner cry for the Divine is intense, then you will naturally attract them. Best wishes.