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Is religious important in human life?

  1. Dinesh Jangid profile image60
    Dinesh Jangidposted 2 months ago

    Is religious important in human life?

  2. Imtiaz nabi profile image60
    Imtiaz nabiposted 2 months ago

    Yes sir it is as important as breathing and feeding on something because of religions we follow rules and try to live our life... Without religions there will be no rules on earth i know there is alot of difference between each religion but if you study them all deeply (i am not claiming to be a scholar) you will come to know that they are teaching us life

  3. Readmikenow profile image95
    Readmikenowposted 2 months ago

    I have discussed this topic with atheists.  Humans have believed in some form of spiritual being for thousands of years. Some believe this has happened since humans first were in this world.  Is it important to human life for people to  know what they feel is important.  Many people done amazingly good things and amazingly bad things based on their faith. Would they have done these things without religion or were they motivated by something inside them?  Did religion motivate them to act or justify their actions?  People know they will some day die.  No scientist can say what happens after this.  Religion offers hope for what does happen.  Understanding death can sometimes put life into perspective.  I would say religion is important for understanding death and life. It motivates people to accomplish things they could not without faith.

  4. Khuzaima Rehman profile image60
    Khuzaima Rehmanposted 2 months ago

    Every Human is born on the nature of Islam, some are born muslim, and some have to do struggle to find the true path