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Is my mom “schizophrenic “ or crazy?

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    Angel62posted 2 months ago

    Is my mom “schizophrenic “ or crazy?

    For the past 5 years mu mom has been going through something. She tells me she sees writing on her body,floors, walls that says things about her family and friends.
    She has woke up with scratches & bruises on her with no way of how they got there. She says she has felt a person talking to her against her face& has felt like she had sex with evidence in her underwear with no one else in the house. She swears somebody is coming in her house & moving things around & messing up her bible pages by underlining certain things about sinners. My mom is devout Christian. Please help!! If possible

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    manatita44posted 2 months ago

    The words schizophrenia and crazy can and have been used interchangeably. But 'crazy' is a bit harsh and schizophrenia is a heavy stigma.

    If you mom is still home and has not been to a hospital after five years, it is really questionable what's going on. I would seek help. I suppose that's what you are doing now but maybe a doctor who specialise in this field is a good idea.

    I hear that sometimes nutrition can help and she may benefit from a protocol of herbs (botanicals), fruits, berries and melons. I would consult Dr Morse - the naturopath - on line, or Perhaps Dr Grundy, also a medical doctor for their views on the subject.

    As a spiritual man, I believe in prayer and should you go to the Divine with a contrite Heart and a fervent prayer for your mom to be relieved of this burden, then who knows? Encourage her to pray herself and watch her diet.

    Finally, ultimately, all is in the hands of God. Offer up your prayer like an innocent child, strong, but without expectations. I wish her God's blessings.

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      Angel62posted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate this I had no idea how long it might take for someone to answer.
      We pray every day & night for an answer. As far Dr’s go that is what told her & she is now labeled as schizophrenic.

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      manatita44posted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Yes, it is a mental condition and the mind can and does vibrate in a different way which some in society rejects. Our nature is generally to protect ourselves and we are insecure. Continue to pray and seek help. I wish you God's blessings.