Parents Setting Children Teeth On Edge

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    aoiffe379posted 7 years ago

    What do you know about the supposedly biblical expression about parents eating sour grapes and setting the children teeth on edge?

    The remark resulted from sharing information about a person who had been paid to complete a contract which began in January 2009 but which is still incomplete to date. Based on information provided by elderly citizens, the father was a pastor; but he was crooked. One son is a law enforcement officer. Another son is a Deacon and fisherman/bus driver. A daughter is a pastor; and her twin is the musician.Both daughters are single mothers. The son who got the contract is said to be just like his father or worst.

    Considering that people make their own choices concerning their lifestyle,where do parents eating sour grapes come in? Some parents may be alcoholics and whoremongers and their children shun the bottle and whoredom. Is the sour grapes quote biblical?

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    Brenda Durhamposted 7 years ago

    Ezekiel 18 explains this and mentions the sour grapes proverb, which is clarified as erroneous, at least in the situation Ezekiel mentions.  Apparently people were using their ancestors' or fathers' errors as an excuse for their own behavior;  this book tells us that it's each individual who has ultimate responsibility for his/her own actions;  they cannot blame it on their ancestors.

    If this question has been answered or discussed in a later thread or something, please ignore my response here.   It just caught my interest.