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Muhammad(pbuh)-The Seal of Prophets.

  1. Arjumand01 profile image57
    Arjumand01posted 7 years ago

    Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)is addressed in the Quran as 'the seal of all prophets(Surah Al Ahzab33:44). To understand the verse explicitly, we must know the meaning of the word Prophet. The Arabic phrase used is 'khatimun nabi'in' or the 'seal of the prophets'. A prophet of God  is a man who is chosen by God to convey to his people the instructions from God Almighty.He is able to communicate to God and receives guidance from Him as to how to lead a virtuous life and teach people to do so. Adam, Isaac, Ismael, Jonah (pbut) etc were prophets of God. The word messenger or 'rasul' in Arabic comes from the root word 'risalah' or message. So a messenger is a prophet of God who receives revelation or scripture. He receives guidance from Almighty like any other prophet and a book to teach and guide His people. Jesus, Moses, Muhammad(pbut) are all messengers, as they brought down a scripture. In a nutshell we conclude that all messengers are prophets, but all prophets are not messengers. For example we can call Jesus(pbuh) a prophet as well as a messenger, but we cannot call Adam or Jonah(pbut) as messengers. All these prophets who never received divine revelations are addressed   as prophets only and not as messengers in the Quran . (Quran 37:112,53:53,54:18)Take it like this, prophet hood is bachelors degree and Messenger ship is a masters degree. Since one cannot get a masters degree by first obtaining a bachelors degree, similarly when a man is chosen  as a messenger he is obviously  a prophet also. Let us go back to our verse of surah al ahzab, Allah(SWt)  addresses Muhammad(pbuh) as ‘The seal of prophets’ which means that he is the last and final prophet and none will come after him as prophets. This verse naturally implies that there will be no messengers to come after him, since as said earlier one has to be a prophet to be a messenger, in other words you cannot achieve a masters degree by not passing you bachelors degree. If it is said that bachelors degree has been stopped in a university it also means that a masters degree will also be seized.  Every Muslim must believe  each and every word of the Quran to be verboten from God and the verse is clear in stating that Muhammad (pbuh) is the Last and final prophet from Allah.

    1. mohitmisra profile image60
      mohitmisraposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      final prophet and none will come after him as prophets

      False propaganda to promote the Islamic faith.

  2. Beelzedad profile image55
    Beelzedadposted 7 years ago

    I watched a Bill Mayer standup comedy program yesterday and for his encore he provided an Islamic fashion show by designer "Muslim Dior." I found it on youtube. Hilarious.