Living By Experiencing It First!

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    BreatheN2Growposted 7 years ago

    Experiencing your day first

    Experiencing your today with your hope and realizing it with your gratitude. When we show our gratitude we are solidifying the experience of our hope! Living is an experience that's conceived in our spirit and perceived by our senses and emotions. Our emotions are a result of what we're experiencing right now. We must conceive it by experiencing before can realize it!

    Life is what happens before us

    We are the thoughts that happen before they matter. Life tranforms our thoughts into reality and this is the light switch everyone is searching to find that brings spirituality to sensibility or reality. What we percieve cannot exist without its concluded thought or belief.

    What's relative?

    Relative is what connects our thoughts to our current reality. We relate or perceive our world by our perspectives, if we believe life is beautiful we'll anticipate that reality but if we believe it's difficult we'll expect it as well. What we anticipate or expect life will convert our energies of thought into matter.

    The energy of thought

    What is the energy of thought? The energy of thought is simply our emotions manifesting our thoughts. Without emotion our thoughts cannot be realized. No matter what we see, it only matters what we believe is going to happen next! Breathe In & Grow

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      Adwelloposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You say our emotions are a result of what we're experiencing right now, but isn't the reverse true? For me, what I experience right now is a direct result of my emotional state. In a roomful of people I may feel happy and relaxed and therefore so are the people around me. If I am in that room feeling tense then the people around me react tensely. So what I get is a direct reflection of my emotional state - people simply react to my emotional state which therefore brings about the reality of the situation and its outcome.