Prophecy & Praise ~foretelling, or all telling

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    Twenty One Daysposted 7 years ago

    " let all of creation shout, How great!, should man keep silent the mysteries of the Will."

    Are Praise & Prophecy truly the same?
    We know worship is the action of meditation, as seen with the entering of rest on the Sabbath. For one full cycle of earth, we are to meditate and reserve our bodies, minds and hearts only to Him.

    But Praise is an altogether different thing. Some say, the words from our mouths manifest the hidden things of Creator. Praise in the form of song or words spoken, even prayed. We praise and pray regarding things past, things present and things not yet seen (harvests not yet fruitful). So then, would you agree that Prophecy is the same? As its purpose is to reveal the mysteries of Creator.


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      Liberian1847posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      We praise the Creator with songs and hyms, we praise him with words of thanksgiving. We praise him because he is good. We praise him because it's the least we can do; or it's the least he requires of us. We pray to the creator for many things: forgiveness, gifts of the spirit, strength,health, wisdom, favor, and grace. We pray out loud and we pray in our hearts...we also pray with our lips mumbling the cries of our soul (remember Hannah).

      Then we recieve the gift of Prophecy and the Creator prophesize through us....and tell us of things that are to come ...that are yet to come. He also tells of things that are now and things things that were. Without prophecy we fumble in the dark. Ok let me stop here for now smile