Want to see God?

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    stephengoswamiposted 7 years ago

    Humanity has imagination as humanity has soul while animals have not. It is a function of the soul. Animals can’t see beyond the outer appearance. As people can see beyond nature’s appearance they can guess the root of it and by that gain some ability to conquer nature. When we see a man, we try to see beyond appearance his ability and temperament to successfully deal with him. Dealing by outer appearance leads to failure. When we see a man and woman with children living intimately, we use imazination to guess that it is a family. Then our conduct towards them is appropriate. When we see some policemen with an officer in a building our imazination tells us it is a police post to enforce law under an unseen government. When we try to see that government by going to the metropolis far away, it can’t be seen by any outer appearance but only by imazination.  So God, the government of the universe, can be seen only by imazination even if we go to heaven.   
    Work in harmony with that government your life will be successful. Otherwise it will be disastrous. But that imazination can be deformed by passions, sin and distrust. Then that imazination leads to harm. So agnosticism, atheism, nihilism extremism etc. are born.

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