Who Says That Women in Their 60s. 70s, 80s and Beyond Can't Be Utterly

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    Bodacious, Fierce, and Sexy

    Not so long ago, the societal image of women past their prime was quite negative. They were viewed as dour and sexless.  It was thought that once women reach their 60s and beyond, she was unattractive and the thought of them still being interested in maintaining and/or enhancing their appearance was viewed as a total waste of time.   In other words, they were put out to pasture proverbially.   

    There are many people who still believe that older women are not interested in their looks and appearance and that their sexual days are over.   Some time ago, I was in Barnes&Nobles reading a book relating to sex for those over 60.   I overhead some young people in their late teens and 20s stating that by the time THEY reached 60, they hope that SEX IS OVER.   

    It is sad for society to assume that once women become advanced in age, they must succumb to the stereotypical image of  the old woman in orthopedic shoes and a matronly dress at best and to suppress her vital instincts.   There are some women who dressed to the nines and were sexy when young and in their prime; however, once they reach the 6-0, they started to be dress down so to speak.   Being in one's 60s, 70s, 90s, and beyond is no excuse  for a woman to depart and loss interest in one's appearance and sexuality.   You are STILL A WOMAN and a DESIRABLE ONE.   Dress sexy, drink some chablis, be spicy, and LIVE!    Let others be an OLD LADY but NOT YOU!