Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case.

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  1. Merlin Fraser profile image60
    Merlin Fraserposted 11 years ago

    I suppose within HubPage circles I am known for my lack of religious belief and the fact that I also think Man created God and not the other way around.

      I often speak out about how the religious often ignore or turn a blind eye to the violent history in the name of whatever God they support.

      How can anyone defend this kind of action in the name of any Religious faith ?

    (Picture from AoL News Page)

      Maulana Yousef Qureshi a hardline Pakistani Islamic cleric  told a rally in the north-western town of Peshawar that his mosque would give 6,000 US dollars (£3,800) to anyone who kills Asia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy against Islam.

    Bibi, who is in jail, was sentenced on November 8 to hang for insulting the Prophet Mohammed. She and her family say the charge is baseless.

    No doubt I will be vilified for seemingly trying to tar all Muslims with the same broad brush but I ask them this:

    " If as some claim the vast majority are Peaceful and Peace loving them why do they tollerate and seem to do nothing to stop such radical behaviour within their own ranks ?"

    1. pisean282311 profile image62
      pisean282311posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      civil society of pakistan seems to be against the law ..efforts to debate and get law scrap are being done but unfortunately right wings and such hardliners wont let the law die its well needed natural death...

      even is she did what she is accused of doing who gave people right to do what they are doing?...

      1. Ahmad Usman profile image67
        Ahmad Usmanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Pakistan Constitution (295 A, B ,C) says that all the Prophets are to be respected.

        This woman Asia Bibi CONFESSED before a gathering of CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM Community ELDERS that she BLASPHEMED Prophet Muhammad But it was all by MISTAKE.

        YES Most of the people are PEACE Loving BUT when the Matter of disrespect against any Prophet comes, then you will expect this behaviour from MAJORITY of the people.

        A similar incident happened in the city of Faislabad when a Hindu BLASPHEMED Jesus during a private clash with a Christians family, some members of the Christians Community went to local Mosque and informed the whole issue. Now what happened.....The same thing happened which was expected. A MOB of angry Muslims gathered, first BURNED the house of that HINDU and then KILLED him a week later.

        Similarly in Gujranwala city of Pakistan, a young Hafiz-e-Quran boy, who learned the Quran by heart, was killed because of alleged disrespect of the Quran.

        So these UNFORTUNATE incidents happen.

        1. pisean282311 profile image62
          pisean282311posted 11 years agoin reply to this

          but do you think such laws have place in current encourages people to be dishonest and nothing more than that...a hindu or christian or muslim wont speak what he actually thinks about christ or muhammad or any in front on even single person but he/she may keep speaking what is considered to be blasphemy in his/her own in end how does such law make sense?...

          1. Ahmad Usman profile image67
            Ahmad Usmanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

            If a Law says that you should RESPECT every Prophet, whats Wrong with it.?

            The problem isn't the LAW, the problem is only a FEW FUNDAMENTALISTS who take the law in their HAND and think they can do anything. These Fundamentalist are in every society, even in the US.

            This LAW make sense in a way that you wont have that FREEDOM to disgrace Prophets like Christians Today do in US, UK or anywhere by making NAKED Pictures of Jesus and showing him DANCING on the Roads, saying CHILL CHILL Just CHILL CHILL.

            You wont have any FREEDOM to BURN the BOOKS of GOD revealed to Prophets.

            You wont have FREDDOM to CALL Pophets BASTARDS and their mothers WHORE.

            I can go on and on....

            1. pisean282311 profile image62
              pisean282311posted 11 years agoin reply to this

              well there is simple problem in it...respect cannot be forced...we can't have law to say respect your parents...we can have law which says provide to your parents...respect,love,anger,hatred etc etc are internal comes from within...having law for such things would make person show respect in public but when he/she is with him/herself truth shall prevail...laws can't help in such is fundamentally flawed and m not talking just about one specific religion man...

              also respecting just because there is law is inferior to respecting someone because one wants to respect...and latter part is true respect ...former is forced one...

              1. Ahmad Usman profile image67
                Ahmad Usmanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:"A Believer sees his sin as a mountain and is afraid that it may fall on him. A hypocrite, on the other hand, sees his sin as a fly that has landed on his nose and will fly right away. [Bukhari]


                Leave this LAW tell me is it a SIN or not to abuse and degrade prophets?

                And  what you mean that the HATE which, lets suppose, a person has will remain INSIDE his HEART but through laws, respect can't be forced SO we should ELIMINATE these LAWS inorder that people can OPENLY & PUBLICLY show their hatred for PROPHETS which they have inside their hearts in the name freedom of speech?

                Sorry pisean, 2 wrongs doesn't make 1 right. Commiting Sin is bad But doing it openly and boasting  about it, is Worse"

                According to my point of view, this LAW which PROTECTS everyone from COMMITING SIN openly by dis-respecting prophets in the name of Freedom is the BEST LAW becuse of the following Reasons:

                Narrated Abu Huraira:

                "I heard Allah's Apostle saying. "All the sins of my followers will be forgiven except those of the Mujahirin (those who commit a sin openly or disclose their sins to the people). An example of such disclosure is that a person commits a sin at night and though Allah screens it from the public, then he comes in the morning, and says, 'O so-and-so, I did such-and-such (evil) deed yesterday,' though he spent his night screened by his Lord (none knowing about his sin) and in the morning he removes Allah's screen from himself." (Book #73, Hadith #95)

                Narrated Safwan bin Muhriz:

                "A man asked Ibn 'Umar, "What did you hear Allah's Apostle saying regarding An-Najwa (secret talk between Allah and His believing worshipper on the Day of Judgment)?" He said, "(The Prophet said), "One of you will come close to his Lord till He will shelter him in His screen and say: Did you commit such-and-such sin? He will say, 'Yes.' Then Allah will say: Did you commit such and such sin? He will say, 'Yes.' So Allah will make him confess (all his sins) and He will say, 'I screened them (your sins) for you in the world, and today I forgive them for you." (Book #73, Hadith #96)

                Hence! Whoever deliberately FLAUNTS his sin, angers his Lord, Who will not then cover him in the here-after. BUT Whoever deliberately CONCEALS his sin out of shame before his Lord and before people, Allah will bless him by concealing it in the here-after."

                Indeed Allah is the Most Generous and His Mercy precedes His Wrath.

              2. Beelzedad profile image57
                Beelzedadposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                There is no need to go on, you have answered your own question simply, succinctly and to the point. smile

              3. Merlin Fraser profile image60
                Merlin Fraserposted 11 years agoin reply to this

                It's not the Law it's the apparent Death Sentence that goes with it.

                Respect has to be earnt you cannot pass a Law demanding it you might as well pass a Law saying we are not allowed to think because that's what it amounts to.

                You blame a FEW FUNDAMENTALISTS but my question is, if that is the case why do the majority not stand up to and remove these people from your society ?

                It's a simple enough question, I'm not looking for jusification for their actions, there is none, I'm not asking for excuses and so far I haven't seen an answer !

        2. Ahmad Usman profile image67
          Ahmad Usmanposted 11 years agoin reply to this


          I AGREE with you. No one has the RIGHT to take LAW in his hands. This is Extra Judicial KILLING.

          There are COURTS, let the courts DECIDE whenever such cases are reported.

      2. Rishy Rich profile image78
        Rishy Richposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Theres a problem in Islamic socities, "You cant argue & debate when it comes to the prophet." We all are aware what happened around the world when some guy draw a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Now imagine what could happen if someone insults him or puts him below Jesus in public. We dont know for sure what exactly happened in case of Asia bibi. But we are definite that something gave the fundamentalists of that region to get the spotlight of media in the name of the prophet.

        Each Muslim country has the same problem. No matter how peaceful they are, the liberal majorities loose their voice when it comes to Allah & the prophet. Because they dont trust their fundamentalist parts & they care for their own life too. If a Muslim scholar takes the side of Asia Bibi in this case, theres a high possibility that he might be announced an infidel & eventually could loose his life too. You have to keep in mind that Pakistan is not US. You have no security there & you can get killed for expressing your views about Muhammad. So, although there are liberal Muslims, but theres no way to stop such fanaticism even in this age.

        This incident reminded me of one well known author in my country. He was born a Muslim & became an atheist later. He strongly criticised the Muslim Sharia law & customs which were hurting the society. Some extremists attempted to kill him. Although stabbed several times, he managed to survive that time. He went to Germany for higher treatment but got mysteriously killed there. The authority tried to make it look like a normal death but everyone knows its not. I have seen people doing many types of stupid things. One of the most stupidest must be talking against Islam in an Islamic country.

      3. Beelzedad profile image57
        Beelzedadposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        They know they'll swing from the highest yardarm along with Bibi if they say anything in her defense.

        Of course, they all passively agree with the sentence anyways and have no intention of defending Bibi. smile

        1. Merlin Fraser profile image60
          Merlin Fraserposted 11 years agoin reply to this

          One prophet said " Turn the other Cheek !"

          I don't remember the other one saying "Turn your Back !"

          I accept your statement about passive agreement, we saw it in Germany in the 1930's and early 1940's were we wrong in going to War against such lunatic mass cowardice ?

          1. Beelzedad profile image57
            Beelzedadposted 11 years agoin reply to this

            Great question. smile

    2. Merlin Fraser profile image60
      Merlin Fraserposted 11 years ago

      Is everything written above some sort of explanation or attempt at justification because quite frankly it is simply beyond me !

        It just seems like evasion of the main issue which was to ascertain why the vast majority would passively go along with the misguided violent minority and still proclaim they are peace loving !

      1. Beelzedad profile image57
        Beelzedadposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        Welcome the Islamic propagandist. smile

      2. Ahmad Usman profile image67
        Ahmad Usmanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        I already wrote that in Muslim countries when something like Honor of the prophets or Divine books comes, this reaction is expected and it is usual.

        Then the Peace LOVING majority turns into Peace LOVING Minority
        the Misguided Violent Minority turns into Misguided Violent Majority.

        Do you understand that?

    3. Merlin Fraser profile image60
      Merlin Fraserposted 11 years ago

      Indeed I do.
      I have always understood.

      I just wondered if the misguided understood and might actually admit to the fact that, as you say, they can change from one side to the other and back again with complete immunity instead of claiming they are peace loving and it’s the other guy who isn’t !

    4. Merlin Fraser profile image60
      Merlin Fraserposted 11 years ago

      The sound from the great majority....

      Scared into SILENCE by sheer naked FEAR !

      Not because of religion but because of Manmade Oppression and Mob Rule.


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