Bible encoded w/ GOD=7_4, gematria(74), "Selah" appears 74x, etc.

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  1. profile image58
    Brad Watsonposted 7 years ago

    The Biblical term "selah" occurs 74 times in the Bible. It is a musical direction that probably meant for there to be an instrumental interlude between lyrics. This explanation works well for when "selah" appears 71 times in David's songs (Psalms) and 3 times in the poem/song of Habakkuh Chapter 3. The fact that selah occurs exactly 74x is a very important code!

    The combination of 7 & 4 is sacred geometry and can be Biblically traced back to Genesis 7:4, "For in 7 days, it will rain for 40 days and nights". (This is the Bible's first usage of the recurring theme of #40.) Moses did the #40 7x and made sure to align the 4th Commandment: "Keep the 7th day holy". An earthquake occured at Jericho when Joshua(74) had 7 priests with 7 horns march around 7 times for 7 days.

    The Hebrew Bible was written using gematria: an alphanumeric code that provides added symbolic meaning and connection between words with the same gematric code. The Greek New Testament was also written with the same alphanumeric code called isopsephy. (The Arabic Qur'an was written using hisab al-jummal - the same alphanumeric code.) Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) & GOD=7_4 puts a strong emphasis on Y'shua=74/Jesus=74 (J10+E5+S19+U21+S19), Jewish=74, Messiah=74, the King=74, donkey/burro=74, Cross=74, Gospel=74, according(74) to St.(74), pastor(74), etc.

    Selah is naturally connect(74)ed to composer(74), melody(74), and songs(74). Pretty cool, huh?

    - Brad Watson, Miami
    <link snipped>

    1. Greek One profile image75
      Greek Oneposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You know Brad, it is common when people claim to be reincarnations of Jesus, that others often tell them they need help.

      Not to ridicule you, but have others in the past suggested this to you?

      1. profile image58
        Brad Watsonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Greek One,

        You've completely ignored the important material in the original post, why is that? Did you even bother to read it before coyly insulting me? If you don't want to participate in discussing the topic, then do NOT waste everyone's time.

        1. Greek One profile image75
          Greek Oneposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          I am not trying to refute your claims, frankly, they are a little about everyone's heads, I think.

          Nor am I insulting you.  I am just asking if anyone, in the face of the evidence you provide, has suggested that you might need assistance.

          Surely that wouldn't be uncommon reaction for a reincarnated Jesus to expect?

        2. profile image0
          Emile Rposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Hey Brad. As the last scion of Christ and the granddaughter of a woman who had a passionate affair with Einstein, I'm in the unique possession of  having personal info on both. I can help you validate your claim, if you'd be willing to answer a few personal questions about your claimed famous incarnations?

    2. Cagsil profile image81
      Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this


  2. MrHunter profile image61
    MrHunterposted 7 years ago

    Dude, your topic is valid, but the best treament on this has been done by Larry Jackson of Bethel International Outreach Church in Charlotte NC. His audio CD (from a talk in VA) is practical, understandable and easy to comprehend . .  not a series of endless equations that lead to misinterpretation, outlandish prophetical nonsense, or outright confusion.

    1. profile image54
      gordon monetteposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      but sir in the that grace that is faith(the race)i know not by my understanding or power! the numbers are words that are spirit! JOHN6(chapter 74)new testament   john 6 verse 63 AMEN

  3. profile image54
    gordon monetteposted 7 years ago

    74 in chapter74(exodus 24)-mount sinai is 7497feet-jerusalem is 2474 feet-jeremiah 52:24 and 25 74 were taken away!

    1. profile image54
      gordon monetteposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      all in all 24(74) chapters.74 sons of men between adam the first son of GOD and jesus christ.chapter 740(isaiah61) the spririt shows me these things!AMEN.pray 4 me to the lord god almighty(our father)in the name of the one he made our lord that high priest forever JESUS CHRIST AMEN!      74-9-74--974-9-74  EXODUS24 verse 9 -74 went up and luke1 chapter 974 verse 9 and verse 74 a prophetic/priestly ring with a end time revelation sting.why the sting because the enemy is not flesh and blood!

      1. profile image54
        gordon monetteposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        psalm74;9 and acts7;49 now if you look i pray like the man of GOD(Elisha)that his attendant may have his eyes opened to see! 2 kings 6 verse17 the chariots of fire/chariots of ISRAEL and its horseman all around me! AMEN!

  4. earnestshub profile image86
    earnestshubposted 7 years ago

    This is why we needed scientific method.

    To debunk this type of extrapolation of the ridiculous.

    Have you any idea how many of these encodings have been presented in the past?

    I saw the first one 40 years ago. It was bunk then as well.

  5. brittanytodd profile image90
    brittanytoddposted 6 years ago

    What about the fact that English isn't the original language of the Bible?


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