Vampires and Wicca? How can this work?

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    ladystarkillerposted 6 years ago

    A couple of weeks ago I was searching the web and came across some spells, rituals, and even forums for Wiccan vampires. I really wondered what this was all about because Wicca is such a peaceful spiritual path. Anymore information on this would be most helpful! It interested me a great deal that "vampires" could be peaceful (not like it does not exists). Please post all of your thoughts on this! big_smile
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      DoubleScorpionposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      "Vampires" of Hollywood are not what we see with those today who claim to be "vampiric". More often than not, it is a lifestyle, not the sucking blood and killing as portrayed in the movies. There are people who seem to have what is known as "psychic vampire" properties (people that when you are around them seem to drain your energy or happiness levels). Is these type of things true and factual...I have no idea...

      The few people I know, that claim the "vampire" title, it is more of a lifestyle thing. Following the code of vampire living and structure. Association to certain animals, symbolic human to animal transformation and things along those lines. I would go to far in depth, because these people are friends of mine and I wouldn't want to post anything that I might have a misunderstanding of and accidently insult them. Plus, they are kinda private in their lifestyles.