1. onixx profile image59
    onixxposted 6 years ago

    have you experience this; you are falling and has no ending.. following and hunting you down but only way out by unstoppable run.. died in your dreams and releasing your body and traveling.. finding food and eat eat eat drink drinks.. delivering by emotions of body and has a body contact by you aiming girl and guy.. flying but limited and flying with unlimited fly... snake bite.. money lots of money. drown in the water.. seeing by your dead relative, family, close friends, love ones, and unfamiliar faces that keep coming back in your dreams.. fame.. someone stopping you to breath..

    1. ronhi profile image78
      ronhiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I once  read a book that said such dreams are not Godly an if one has them should seek for prayer from a minister or a christian friend.

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    tammylbposted 6 years ago

    I believe that we have dreams that help us see what is in the future and that is actually a help from God. I think that if you see death that something or someone is changing in our lives and God allows us to see that to help with the process of moving on.