Pro and Con of Christian thinking.

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  1. Castlepaloma profile image74
    Castlepalomaposted 7 years ago

    My town is a bible belt, just turn around and someone is talking or thinking about the bible. Good thing I respect all people and get along with people anywhere worldwide. This christian pro and con list is just my option because I really want to understand Christian better, wail holding on to my own soul and it's million parts. The world champion of soul taker JC people, wants to take all of me. No no... don't take soul, it's all I have to give away to everyone on earth.

    Do you dare, to show us your list?

    1. Good social clubs near by, some relationships could last for a lifetime. You have a fellowship body that will help you through things.

    2. Christ like is a good thing, minus the wrong translations from 2000 disagreeable version of the bible

    3. Often Christian have good paying jobs and live long and often like fine wine

    4. Religion tends to be based on magic and experience. Their technology can be indistinguishable from magic and Christian inspiration has lead the world into revolution changes. They have good imagination in order to open us up to many possibilities, within their own rules of course, which has given them strength and some balance

    1. The Universe is all connected, yet, Christian  tend to mainly separate people and animals. claiming all spirituality and higher consciousness based on people who lived in biblical times, which only average life span of age 25.

    2. Live for GOD and it's absurd laws. Be a witness for Christ living back 2000 years ago. I will be a witness if someone gets hit by a car in the present.

    3. The USA is bad example of the Ten Commandments with double morals of over obedience and Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle. US has the offensive war budget, highest crime and jails rate by far than any other country in the world. Change the to commandments to just Two- Do not harm others and be honest.

    4. Symbolism for simply minded people, include full of guilt: jealousy annoying/judgemental/close-minded and BS which is America's greatest pass time. Not to say I don't have some of this myself, just in low degrees and always in check.

    5. Giving up your freedom of thought, or what you read or who and how you talk or how you get along with other religion and join in their their Religious festivals or celebrate Halloween. OH boy more joy.

    6. Conduct my life with pressure, like having JC sitting on your bed side wail masturbating, feeling guilty about wasting seed, when it can be use to make other so called good Christians.

    7. The bible wrote about some porn, rape, gay sex, under age sex. Virginity until marriage. Not for me preforming sex well is my favourite pleasure.  Molesting or having sex with family member or under age sex maybe for the odd pastor, bible teacher or accepted in the old Adam's family stories,is not for me

    8. Billions of families burn in hell, all because God loves you and I, no conditional love attached.

    9. Jew are wrong, Homosexuality is wrong, Atheist are wrong, all other Religion are wrong.  God is with the Hitler right and he tried to prove that by stamping out all list above. Faith alone can save Satan because believes in God and if he changes his deeds, he can go to heaven, can't he?, Hitler believes in God and if he changes his deeds with all his heart, he can go to heaven too like a viscous recycled mess.

    10. Reading often confusing, boring, contradictory, and too many horror stories

    11. Just the mention of dinosaurs,bring sadness they prefer talking about dragon’s. If they are children of God with very curious spirits. Why not study the 95 % of the earth specie that went extinct or study the immortal jellyfish that lived 100 times longer than Adam and Eve. Or worship the other million of specie that live on the earth today.

    12. Follow all rules and shelter myself because I'm incapable of making good decisions. I'm inherently sinful and have certain actions that are inherently wrong, best to be safe and limit my earthly experiences. OR, simply adjust my mistakes along the way in life.

    13. Must listen to christian music, maybe the same music is played for a long long time in the afterlife in heaven which suppose to make me extremely happy, like Xmas music.

    14. Very scary and demon-filled world with distorted view of reality allowing people to kill in the name of God, which starts name of God and ends up blaming Satan.

    15. A talking snake, who offered Eve a healthy apple. A 969 year old man,lived amoung giants who ruled early earth. Fitting a million specie by two on a tiny boat. The earth began only 6000 years ago which most people do not believe.
    Religion lacks a great deal of science, evidence, math and technology.

    16. Artist are the poorest paid in my country, if JC helped the poor Why am I and other artist not paid well enough. We artist are not allowed to beg for money or be tax free. I can't even love my parents most. OK the world is my families, most people are not aware of JC anyways, one point for artist.

    17. Follow all rules and shelter myself because I'm incapable of making good decisions. I'm inherently sinful and have certain actions that are inherently wrong, best to be safe and limit my earthly experiences........not

    :Wow!!! 4 pro 17 con:
    Until my pro out number my con, hell can freeze over. As far as getting along, look at all the loving work ahead of me. :Confession: I'm a opt-aholic or a shareaholic

    1. Disappearinghead profile image76
      Disappearingheadposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Might I be so bold as to digest that you assume Christian thinking is Church thinking. The Church is largely not Christian. But that's my humble opinion.

      1. Castlepaloma profile image74
        Castlepalomaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        People don't read the bible to know that the Messiah was not a christian.

        Only 3% of Christian are going to Church regular, which leaves 97 % not going to church that much. How would you cherry pick any sub group of Christianity out from the 2000 versions of the bible call it the whole truth and only way. I  must be my own man, not owned by anyone or by any sub spiritual group because that spiritual thing is 99% unknown, is it not better  to share something with everyone or group?. 

        JC said the kingdom of heaven is within. Agree, Or you could walk around like 80% of people spending most of their waking hour in life not liking what you do. Why?  because your house owns you, your boss owns you and your bible owns you.

  2. profile image0
    brotheryochananposted 7 years ago

    I don't think there is even a pro and con situation.
        The Way of Christ is individual as it pertains to each person. Each person will delve into being spirit filled as their experience grows - the opposite is true also.
        Christians attending church will either look for a church that they feel God wants them to be in and is 'home' for them - as they would any place of employment, type of job or even bowling team.
        Any christian will either try to be christ like or not.
        Any christian will stumble, need answers, find areas of self that they do not want to give up and will wrestle with for a while, till their conscience is seared in that area. Some may give up.
        Organized churches and people try to do their best, but that is littered with good intentions, and we know what fruit good intentions often bear.
    For instance i knew a guy who once had pennies but he did not want to roll them up or take them to the bank, so he dumped them off a school ground in piles here and there - a sort of scavenger hunt he thought. Upon telling someone what he had done, they said "what if a little kid had swallowed them?"

    But really, Jesus is amazing and having God as my father has always pulled through and i see no cons. Whatever other people do wrong has ultimately nothing to do with i am doing.

    1. Castlepaloma profile image74
      Castlepalomaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yahweh owns you for sure, your not your own man. .Christians seem to feel they are superior in some way and claim soul walking their “path of God”. Then get crusades like can turn against non-Christians from time to time.

        It seem to be like a crime to close the mind to serve only one God rather than to serve yourself first then seek to serve 7 billion people and nature like they in the same boat, as they are all, just as important.

      If I'm working for the best boss ever, I'll  pick me, and hope you would pick yourself too, a new way of thinking to serve a Godlike Universe?


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