I'm an Atheist, and I know Heaven exist.

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    Cranfordjsposted 5 years ago

    (The below paragraph contains the main points for a new Hub I'm writing. I'm looking for constructive criticism, counter arguments, or anything that will help me take on new/different angles. Thanks!)

    It’s liberating for me to be on the secular side of the fence, to know that I have a healthy view of the world. I see many people with their software permanently fixed to the teachings of a certain Religion. I piety them But then again, I don’t because they will for fact go to heaven. While living a secular life, as liberating as it is, I have to forfeit the opportunity of going to heaven. Religious fundamentalist, on their death bed, will be sincere in thinking Heaven is for fact. They know what’s about to happen as they lay wait for their existence to be none. Does it matter if heaven exist for that person after death? I argue that for a Religious fundamentalist heaven does exist, it’s a fact. If this ideology is imprinted in their mind, when they die, they do go to heaven. On my Great Grand Mothers death bed, one of her last statements was, tell everyone if they haven’t found Jesus Christ, to do so. She would die knowing for a fact God existed, while she was moments away from getting into heaven. So does Heaven really have to exist for her to get into it? It’s safe to say she went to Heaven, even though it probably doesn’t exist. Being unable to correct her after death, in regards to heaven not being real, makes the existence of heaven irrelevant. Since us humans create our reality, regardless of facts and likelihoods, the word fact no longer holds merit. When this is the case, I can simply state that it’s fact, every Religious fundamentalist goes to Heaven.

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    Muldaniaposted 5 years ago

    I agree that whilst we are living we create our own reality.  The existence of heaven and of God is as real to a believer as the fact that the sky is blue or that grass is green.  This will provide a great comfort to the dying.  However, heaven must actually exist in order for a person to enter it.  No matter how real the belief, if heaven does not exist, then the idea of it will die with the brain that believes in it.

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      Cranfordjsposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      If we are honest the odds are against heaven. But what’s the difference between dying without an afterlife, and dying with an afterlife? It’s a scientific fact we will never know what happens after death, unless there’s an afterlife. Regardless, a person on their death bed believing in heaven will get into heaven. (VS)  A person on their death bed believing in heaven, being that there isn’t an afterlife, will never know. So the difference is minute. Small enough to concede in claiming it’s a fact, Religious fundamentalist go to Heaven.

      Thanks for the comment 

      (P.S. Every time I use the word “fact”, I mean for it to be italicized. I was unable post it with the same format, in which I wrote it via Microsoft word.)