a take on the ride of the white horse

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    SparklingJewelposted 9 years ago

    The color of the white horse is deceptive because white is traditionally the color of the “good guys”; some students of the Bible have mistakenly compared this rider with the Faithful and True, who leads the armies of heaven in Armageddon. He, The Word, and those with him are clothed in white and they ride white horses (Rev. 19:11-14). But the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has naught to do with the legions victorious who defeat the adversary in Armageddon. And the white of this horse only disguises his tremendous powers of deception. His warfare of the spirit is unseen and unfelt by a sleeping civilization.

    The crown he wears is the false laurels that society places upon those who have caused its death, for they know not whence the death has come. In reality the death has come from themselves, from the records of the subconscious and the unconscious, as they have crowned their basest desires and passions. These desires and passions are crowned king when the white horse rides.

    Who is king in our society?  Whoever has the most sex appeal and the most money–the rock stars, the celebrities, the jet set. Who do the people worship?  Those who brazenly live for their basest desires and passions. The people are fascinated with them (in some cases, fascinated and repulsed simultaneously) and therefore they become tied to them. They are slaves to their lusts for money, power and sex, even as they are enslaved to the gods themselves.

    Other players in this warfare of the spirit are the false teachers and the false teachings that come out of every organized religion today, which are the perversion complete of the Great White Brotherhood’s true teachings on the sacred mysteries of Life. Every false religion, every phony theology, every belief system that intrudes itself between a man and his God, a soul and her Lord is a part of the warfare of the spirit.

    World Communism is a false ideology. It is the perversion of the Community of the Holy Spirit. And in this “communalism,” this so-called socialism, every individual is reduced to the lowest common denominator of the human evolution. By denying individual accountability, Communism denies people their right to a sacred labor and to a standard of excellence as they execute the work of their hearts, their heads and their hands. It gives them absolutely no incentive to strive for Christhood.

    World Communism cancels out the path of initiation of the Guru-chela relationship, wherein day by day everyone can reap what he sows and show forth his handiwork. He can see that his input determines his output and that his output determines his reward–and make a determined freewill decision to increase his input if he wants to increase his output and therefore his reward. As Paul said to the Galatians, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”   This is the Law and the Lawgiver that World Communism denies.

    Reaping what we sow, no more and no less, we can see the multiplication of our effort day by day because we are willing to strive for quality both in our work and in ourselves. This is the path of discipleship. In America we are all intended to be on the path of individual self-mastery through our Holy Christ Self. And a lot of us would be, had it not been for the abuse and the takeover of the free enterprise system by the monopoly capitalists, Wall Street and the international bankers.

    Even so, we have more drive than the people in Communist countries, where it doesn’t matter whether you try or you don’t–either way you stand in line. You show up for work, you punch in, but the system provides no incentive for you to take pride in your work because you’re worth something. For in a Communist country you have no worth because your labor has no worth. This is the killing of the human spirit. And this is what the white horse brings.

    Modern Christianity, in my estimation, is just as bad as World Communism because it separates the people from their God and provides them with a phony panacea, a placebo. It sets up Jesus as an idol who will automatically save all Christians and it keeps from the people Jesus’ real message of salvation–that he came to show us how to walk the path of personal Christhood so that each one of us could walk it and win it for ourself.

    World Capitalism itself is a sham. It is as corrupt and corrupting as Hell. Its by-products are materialism, greed, self-indulgence and selfishness, along with the wanton destruction of Mother Earth. It is polluted and it is callous. But that’s because the Nephilim gods and their godless creation have ruined it and civilization with it.

    The embodied fallen angels, “the Establishment,” have made us vulnerable to the ride of the Four Horsemen by bringing upon us the karma for their pollution of the earth body as well as the bodies of the people and animal life. For our bodies are our Mother’s even as our spirits are our Father’s. And these gods of the West, who control basic commodities, business, industry, money, the farmers, the workers, the government, and everything else they have managed to get their hands on, have used their power and our money to build the enemy of the East, whose military might is about to destroy all that Saint Germain has built and stood for.

    But God is not mocked by the white horseman. God is not mocked by the returning karma of the people. God is not mocked by our sowings or our reapings. Let us not be mocked by them either.

    from "Astrology of the Four Horsemen" by E.C. Prophet

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    weird, after I had seen that eagle with stars, I had a dream about a white horse. it came up through the ground and it looked like carasell (however you spell it) horse.  There wasn't a rider on it but it kept coming up out of the ground, like it grew its own mountian, like a stalagmite.  hmmm???