Is our existence in this 3-D World part of a multi dimensional entity?

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    ptosisposted 5 years ago

    I can't imagine a higher dimension so I am using the analogy of our human body.

    One question would be "where is the soul" in our bodies. It used to be thought the soul was located in the heart and now the brain.

    But what if our existence here is a 3-D projection of a multi dimensional entity? That there IS no soul in our bodies that leaves upon death. Akin to cutting your hair or scraping skin on our knee, this does not mean that a piece of our soul has 'died'.

    For all we know we could be just a 'big toe' of a multi dimensional entity. When we meet our 'soul mate' - could that person be a different finger from the same hand and that's why those two people are so close?

    Multi-dimensions have been already described in math but nobody has yet talked about the meaning of this concerning our souls - is God the mega-soul and we are extensions of a hyper-body?

    That would give new  meaning to calling a person a pimple on God's ass - wouldn't it?

    Check out the video on this page that starts with "Flatland" Part 1 of 2. … verse.html

    The Klein bottle is like the mobius strip - it just has one surface. (ouch my brain just exploded!)