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what do you visualize heaven to be like

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    Deb Welchposted 5 years ago


    Personally - the Heaven I look forward to after passing from this Earth - will hopefully be a position where I take care of a menagerie of wild and tame animals.  Frequently tending a blooming garden of herbs, beautiful flowers, and many vegetables.  I would love to live in a small beach cottage sitting on a beach of pure white sand next to a large body of water as well.
    Forum Idea Source:  Time  (4-16-12)  RETHINKING HEAVEN   by Jon Meacham
    Vol. 179, No.5 - 2012     www.time.com      I have ordered: Surprised by hope : rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church
    Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas)

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    SomewayOuttaHereposted 5 years ago

    well....what about now?...why wait?...

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      Deb Welchposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      In regards to what? Death? Working with animals, tending a garden, or living in a beach house?  Everyone has their own perception of what heaven will be like. I don't want to imagine angels playing and flying around laughing.  I picture a more sensible afterlife into Heaven that is more suitable to that person than what they have previously lived on Earth.  Number One why not now - financial, number two - education in those areas - number three - an Island with pure white sand is too far from the US.  Death?  Well - maybe I won't live to be elderly - that's okay with me.  So why did you ask me and not give your own idea?  SomewayOuttaHere.

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    Azaurmythposted 5 years ago

    I don't believe in Heaven. First, I don't like the idea of an eternal paradise. What the hell would I do for eternity if I had nothing that I had to do? That would drive me nuts. Second, the true idea of Heaven is sort of lost. Most people see it as a place to eat whatever and not gain a pound and crap like that. It should be a place to commune with the Gods.

    So as opposed to Heaven, I believe in a crossroads. A place where my soul can speak with the Gods, asking anything it may have until it is ready to move on to the next life.

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    Bonitaannaposted 5 years ago

    I have read quite a few books about people passing to the other side and coming back, and even one of my girlfriends was there on the other side for 4 1/2 months while she was in a coma. She and other people who wrote about their experience said the samething. Even on tv many movies say the samething.  When we passover there, it is usually a very uneventful happening, unless of course you linger on this side in a hospital bed in alot of pain.  Many people don't realize they are on the other side in their spiritual body. The world or dimension is along side this one except the colors are more brilliant there and here they are dull. Almost as if everything in color here is painted with flat paint, and on the other side everything there is painted with high gloss. Even there is the river of life over there in a brilliant gold color. People float there, where here we are weighted down with body weight. We plod.  There we think things into our presence. Our thoughts over there creat what we want, anotherwards. Many people over there help their loved ones by guiding them, thru thought forms, and help sould over there to create. If you do not accept it and cannot deal with it, you end up going to sleep for maybe hundreds of years till you wake up and do accept it.Many who die take time to stay and help their family when they come over to the spirit world in their time of adjustment.  The ones who are useful and learn about God, go on to higher authority and knowledge, until they reach the highest level. Not until then are you received through the pearly gates.

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      Bonitaannaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      of heaven.