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Mormon Youth Are Doing Extraordinary Things That You Should Know About!

Updated on September 9, 2015


Here is what it looked like to stand tall for the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley...
Here is what it looked like to stand tall for the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley...
We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet!
We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet!


Joseph Smith Jr. was but a Youth, when The Father and The Son appeared to him in the grove.... on that amazing day of LIGHT!

Here is to the FAITHFUL of this generation; of this - His DAY!

Over just the last few years - LDS Youth are saying NO to the traditional Prom held at their High Schools every Spring. Proms have become so extreme with teenagers in general, often we are left to wander "what now do that have to look forward too"?

Prom goers, especially teenage girls, are not only treating the "Prom" like their wedding day- they are even thinking about the "wedding night" NOT! But what is happening at the Prom, before and after the Prom has gotten even more extreme.

Modesty does not exist at Proms. Leud dancing and drinking are the normal fair for the night. A lot of kids today look to the before and after events, of which the Prom is not only an excuse that enables them to now "legitimately" engage in the grown up world. Whatever!

LDS Mormon youth are opting -- around the United States to organize their own "Prom" via LDS Youth Standardsand are having a blast!

They have decided that they will set their own standards in opposition to the mainstream, and have a place to live them with other Mormon teens. The youth really know how to STAND up and be who they are! You go!


I know the youth of the LDS Church, and I just need to give out a SHOUT about these young teenagers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints - AGAIN!

I reported on this demonstration in my Tribute to President Hinckley Hub. But, apparently, I am not alone in feeling that this was truly extraordinary.

The LDS Church Newsroom has just released this video. They decided to go out and interview these LDS teenagers and find out what actually happened and how this all came about.

It is such an uplifting and inspiring story, that I need to share it with all of my wonderful readers.

Thousands of Youth Wear Sunday Best to Honor Church Leader.


When a few students immediately decided to do 'something' to honor their prophet, upon finding that he had just passed away... it only took minutes before these LDS high school youth, from various states were madly texting one another, in what we adults who have seen these teenagers in action doing -- at lightning speed!

It must have been a miracle...

Because what they accomplished, in about 12 hours of preparation; to show honor and respect, for the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, is astounding -- when one considers the normal amounts of time and effort it takes -- to unify large groups of people on just about anything.

What these youth set out to do and then actually accomplished, could not have been manifest through any other source, but that of pure love; which unified their hearts in a spontaneous combustion of thousands that were bound together in and for -- one cause!

This video, just recently released, show various students being interviewed, who participated in this 'demonstration' for President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Mormon Church; and allows all of us who are thinking "how in the world"... a glimpse into the hearts of these young people.


This story is one that must make each one of 'US' stand up and honor these young people... no matter the religion, culture, society, group,etc...

Sure, I would like to say that this is because they are Mormon teenagers. I have known LDS teenagers for a long time. I was one. I raised five of my own. I have served and worked with youth in the LDS Church off and on, for the past 30 years -- that's a lot!

Something as bold as this, requires maturity; to be willing to step out and make such an unusual statement, in a world that most likely; amongst their own peers -- would ridicule them for doing so.

I can hear many of them now.

This was more than a religion, this was about a man. It was a man, that they knew. A man that they respected.

As many know, it is a hard thing to accomplish in our world today - to be noticed by tens of thousands of teenagers, and actually have an influence on them for GOOD!

Yes, this to me - - is extraordinary!

Gordon B. Hinckley is that man. He was, until just the other day, the Living Prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. He passed away, at the kickin old age of 97!

These young people think that he rocked, -- and he wasn't even trying to come down to their level.

He literally raised them up, to the Son!

WHY and HOW?

  • In answer to a question I recently received in my Ask Questions - Get Answers hub; I responded to at least ONE of the reasons for the answer - most likely.

Just check out my answer in reference to "For The Strength Of Youth" submitted by helenathegreat.

These LDS Teens, Know In Whom They Can Trust


I felt a desire to return to this story and share a bit more about the Youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints... from my own and very personal perspective...

Meaning, I raised (and still have an amazing 16 year-old at home) five teenagers that fall into this category.

The world, in general... but lets just look at the United States and our society in regards to Mormon youth... see the youth of the LDS Church as one group. Funny, isn't it... how all, become ONE.

Unfortunately, when society is allowed to determine 'what' the whole 'are', or the majority of the group, must be --- they and you, miss an incredibly real story about truly, some amazing young individuals.

With this perspective applied, about LDS teens -- I would like to just put in my two cents...

Stereotype Mormon youth; goody good - Jesus freak - dresses strange - obedient like sheep to what parents tell them - never rebel - don't know what their Church is really teaching them - gullible - remote - removed - are not given a choice - BRAIN-WASHED...

I can tell you right now, with absolutely NO reservation - that my own children, if and when they do read the above description of LDS youth, that I have given... would totally rebel at being stereotyped in such a manner. They would smugly shake their heads and agree that the public has been duped by the 'media' , hearsay and poor judging of them.

So, are the Mormon teens not aware of these stereotypes? No way!

In fact, it is these very general stereotypes about 'them' - that actually add to what and how - they CHOOSE as individuals - the way that they will proceed and conduct themselves in their personal lives.

I will also throw into the mix, as one of the very real obstacles for the youth of the LDS Church; and that is the expectation FOR them to be 'perfect' - because the 'standards' of the Latter-Day-Saints way of conducting the life, is according to commandments.

What Could A 97 Year Old Say And Do - To A TeenAger That Would Inspire Such Devotion?


Yes, I will admit, that when my children were growing up, and this caboose who is still at home; there is not one of them, that found themselves at one time or another, resenting this general expectation. I might add, that this expectation comes more from within the Church... guilty!

One of my children, in particular, really resented it; insomuch that she did rebel - and completely turned away from everything that she had been taught. She was about 16 at the time.

She did, after experiencing what the 'world' had to offer her - then determine that the expectation; and the living of it -- actually were a blessing in her life.

Commandments, standards, etc... are meant to bless our lives. This is the determination - that LDS youth must make; in their lives as individuals who go about to STAND for what they believe - and in various ways.

I think we all can agree, because even as adults we can be guilty of the same... But what others think of us, is important. Teenagers careabout this more than any other group on this planet.

Therefore, when before us - we witness the actions of these Mormon youth - we must give them credit, for stepping up and stepping out in such a visual show of WHO they ARE.

What struck me in this story, of how these LDS teens chose to honor a prophet - is how it came about... It only required the use of the 'texting' ability of their 'command' resource to be put into action! LOL

Quite a few of the youth that were involved, of the thousands who were, have been interviewed by the curious. (adults:-) As to how this could possible happen so fast... The prophet passed away Sunday evening... around 7-8 pm. Many of these youth get up at the crack of dawn to attend Seminary, or have other activities that they start early in the day.

Some youth report, that upon waking up Monday morning - they noticed the new text message. Read it... then personally made the choice to accept the invitation to 'wear their Sunday Best' to High School that day! Most of them did say they called at least 'one' of their friends to find out if they were gonna 'do it' too?

Okay - you say geek? According to other youth in particular - you would say... yeah! Hello? This is weird stuff that only Mormon teens would do..

And I say... uh huh. I think that is probably true. Gordon B. Hinckley inspired a desire in these youth, to Stand a Little Taller, than the rest; and not be afraid to do so... against the current trends of today!

How did he do that, with teenagers? He was 97 when he passed away... These youth, had learned already the blessings of obedience, as taught to them by a living prophet of God.

You cannot fool teenagers. No way. They are way too smart for that. They want proof. Why can't I? Why? Why? They want truth and they want to know WHY, IF particularly it goes against their ability to 'fit in'.

Strong Youth, will find out for themselves, IF what they are told is true or not... wherefore LDS youth must be able to determine this in very personal ways.

How do any of us learn a thing? HOT - hmmm? So we touch the darn thing! OUCH -- okay, HOT!

We must, all of us, experience a certain amount of the 'don'ts that we are given in life, before we will trust the Giver of these truths.

LDS teens are Given more than the average teen, that which they must eventually, for themselves - decide to TRUST the Giver.

Because Mormons are raised, from the time they are young - in the teachings of Jesus Christ; many of them find at quite a young age... or perhaps sooner than their peers in particularly High Schools - in whom they TRUST.

Parents? Kind of... but it is that which they have been taught by their parents, which is of God; that they learn whereby true happiness is found, and for themselves.

This is the knowledge, that gives these LDS teens; at such a remarkable time in their lives - a willingness to,


Extraordinary Brooke White on American Idol Season 7

Brooke White "Every Breath You Take" - American Idol Season 7

Brooke White - A Mormon: American Idol Top Contestant!

Over the last few months, I followed in two separate Hubs, both David Archuleta and Brooke White. I think that it really goes without saying, but they both were final contestants on American Idol Season 7.

First about Brooke White... it was just a real pleasure to follow her each week. I think it was her beautiful spirit that American fell in love with, right from the start. It seemed to be a weekly occasion, where either the judges, or people blogging on the Internet, but inevitably we would hear positive comments about Brooke White. The American Idol judges were always using words, such as worthy, shines, pure, etc... Now, you tell me how many young women in the world today are described the way Brooke White continually 'is'?

Brooke White white is extraordinary in the world. This is undeniable for all those who observed the world, observing Brooke White weekly. But, I want my readers to know, that I personally know many many young women, who radiate the light of Christ in the same exact way. Yes, these young women throughout the world are IMHO extraordinary. It was a joy to see how so many - were drawn to her very bright spirit. Thank you Brooke, for standing so beautifully...


Go Ye Out Into The World And Bring Them All Home Again....

Prophet of the Restoration - Youth RESTORED IN OUR DAY To Truth - because of a TEENAGER Who Loved Also, Jesus Christ!


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