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Brooke White, Mormon On American Idol!

Updated on November 30, 2013

As always, beautiful Brooke White...

What is Brooke White of American Idol Season 7 Doing Now?

Brooke White Update: Check out the video for Brooke White's new release "Hold Up My Heart"!

Those of you who loved watching Brooke White on American Idol, need to make sure and get your tickets for the American Idol Live Tour. Do no miss this concert. Your Top Ten American Idols -- including our Brooke White!

Also, be sure and check out this other cutie patootie, Kelly Baker - from Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't know if she is a Mormon, but she is truly a beautiful dancer, who is sure to go far. She auditioned and is now competing on "So You Think You Can Dance"! You will be surprised when you find out who Kelly Baker's mom is....

American Idol Finale Show:Those of us who love Brooke White, really enjoyed her performance on the American Idol Finale results show. Brooke White sang and played guitar, with Graham Nash of Crosby,Stills, Nash & Young. It was awesome! This was the real Brooke White in the element that she just shines in.

It was a great night on American idol. David Cook is the winner of American Idol Season 7. A lot of people expected that David Archuleta would win, but when it came down to collecting and counting all the votes... David Cook won by a wide margin of 12 million votes.

David Archuleta in interviews today, seem to feel totally fine about not winning. He said that he felt David Cook was the right one to win the title of "the" American Idol.

Enjoy the video here from Brooke White's performance with Graham Nash - it is great! Also, make sure and get your tickets for the American Idol Concert online now. Tickets are expected to sell out fast.

This will definitely be the best ever Top Ten American Idols to go on tour. Last night's finale was a great teaser of what the concert with the top ten will be like. Great show.

Brooke White - American Idol Contestant - So Long Brooke... We Love YOU!

Beautiful Brooke White...  this is the smile that captured America's heart and of which she will be remembered on American Idol.
Beautiful Brooke White... this is the smile that captured America's heart and of which she will be remembered on American Idol.
A completely shocked Brooke White, after learning on one of the results shows... that she was SAFE!  This week after learning she was not safe...  there was a much different expression, which broke all of our hearts to witness...
A completely shocked Brooke White, after learning on one of the results shows... that she was SAFE! This week after learning she was not safe... there was a much different expression, which broke all of our hearts to witness...
Brooke White voted off on American Idol this week 4/30.  Her fans will truly miss her, but how great it has been to get to know such an amazing person:-)
Brooke White voted off on American Idol this week 4/30. Her fans will truly miss her, but how great it has been to get to know such an amazing person:-)

Brooke White in Concert - American Idol Live Tour - Tickets NOW On Sale!


Okay.... for all of you Brooke White fans who have been waiting for this announcement, American Idol Live Concert tickets are now available to buy online - RIGHT NOW!


American Idol Concert tickets are expected to sell out very fast! Some new dates have been announced.

American Idol Top Three: 5/14

American Idol contestants have the very best fans!!!

Tonight on American Idol - it was David Archuleta, David Cook and Syhesha, who were competing to see who would make it to the final two - in the American Idol Finale Showdown! I wrote about tonight's show on my David Archuleta blog...

Has anyone heard where we will next be seeing Brooke White, beside of course - the American idol Tour! Tickets go on sale this Saturday! Check back for more information on where, when and how to get tickets for your hometown concert dates!



American Idol results show: 5/7

I was right:-) American Idol was just not the same without Brooke White...

I saw Brooke White interviewed on "Good Morning L.A." today. It was a great interview. Brooke was very relaxed and answered all the questions she was asked - with the grace that we know her for. I have no doubt that we will see a lot of Brooke in the near future.

For those wondering - Jason was voted off of American Idol this week. No surprises, no tears... and obviously no regrets for Jason. If I didn't know better - I think Jason was just ready to go and party! LOL

Thanks for stopping by:-) By way... what would you like to see Brooke White do now.... after all, you are the her loyal fans!?!



Hi Everyone!

American Idol will have a great void in the show tonight, at least for those of Brooke White's fans that have been watching her over the last several months. Brooke White, who is also a Mormon - was voted off American Idol after competing against the top 5 American Idol contestants.

A lot of people out in the blogosphere are pretty upset that Brooke White was voted off before other contestants, like Syesha or Jason. Brooke White fans feel kind of cheated in how things ultimately played out for Brooke.

There is even some speculation, that most likely Jason really had the least votes, but because of Paula Abdul's big fiasco with the comments mistake, that she made specifically with Jason -- that to have allowed him to be cast off immediately following her foul up - would have not bode well for the show, and especially for Paula.

Internet dialogue was very rough on Paula after she gave both of Jason's comments, when only asked for comments from the first round. So you can kind of see the possible thinking if Jason actually did receive the least votes?

It will really be interesting to see this week's show and ultimately the results, of which most people are willing to make bets that there is no doubt - Jason is outta there! Why so sure... is a question that might have a legitimate reason to be asked?

Most fans of Brooke White, really expected that Brooke would make the final four. Fans also felt that she would be the last girl to go on American Idol Season 7.

No one who loves Brooke White can argue that she will really be missed on the show this week. American Idol just won't be the same without her. But, we are nearing the end of the season and it is most certainly going to be both David Archuleta and David Cook in the final showdown.

I really hope those of you who read this blog will head on over to my other blog about David Archuleta and hang with me for the next few weeks:-)

Hey Brooke - if you are out there, just know we all love ya!



American Idol Results Show Update:

So much for Internet Polling, eh? This was a really tough night for all of us to watch, who love love Brooke White...

Tonight - Brooke White and Syesha were in the bottom two on American Idol... Results for tonight, were that we must say goodbye and so long to Brooke White on American Idol Season 7!

Brooke White was voted off this week, after competing with the top five American Idol contestants. As much as many of us knew this was coming soon, I think we all had hopes of seeing Brooke White, at least one more week...

As expected, Brooke White was very emotional with the news that she would not be returning. It was very apparent, that Brooke knew inside - that this was her week to go. She even said that she just knew - - much different than last week, when she "expected" that it was most likely her that would go. She was shocked when it was not.

But this week, Brooke White knew within her own heart, even before the results were given that her name would be the one she would hear - and even before it was spoken - we all seemed know it too:-(

It has been a true pleasure for me personally, to follow Brooke White's journey on American Idol Season 7. She is a beautiful young woman, but more so I am honored to say that I hold similar values as a Mormon, as Brooke White - who also just happens to be a Mormon.

Brooke White has shown grace, style, class, values and above all - has shown many, by her just being her -- what many young LDS woman portray in their lives as well.

Brooke is a woman of integrity. Brooke shared her values right from the very first try-out, and this has been one of the many things that has drawn so many, to want to follow her so closely.

Brooke White has not disappointed, and I personally would want her to know how proud of her that so many are - in her willingness to stand for that which is good, and not falter.

I understand that Brooke is human, and no one is expecting perfection by any means, nor implying that any denomination can make one such.

I do stand by my personal feelings, that Brooke White is much of who she is, because of her personal belief in Jesus Christ - and that, is the light which so many have been attracted to within Brooke.

I wish Brooke White success in all that she does with her beauty, talent and strength of spirit, which God has blessed her with.

I am confident that her fans who have stood by her up to this point, will continue to follow Brooke White and her future career.

Brooke - we expect to hear much more from you in the future and are ready to continue supporting you in your journey. Thanks for being who you are and your willingness to share that with so many:-)

Brooke White shines much too bright, to ever be dimmed by a few votes:-)

I hope that many of you who will continue to watch American Idol and for those who might be following David Archuleta, I hope you will visit my blog about David which I will continue to update weekly.

Thanks you all so much for visiting and I hope you consider joining my fan club for future updates on new hubs of mine.



Idol Brief: 4/30

If ZABASEARCH.COM is right - and the ability to predict through Internet polling is accurate - Brook White will have a coveted position amongst the final four on American Idol.

Here is what Internet polling reveals from last night's caller responses:

Syesha received the fewest phone and text votes following the April 29 performance show. David Cook received the most.

This looks to be another great results night for Brooke White... IF the polls are accurate?



This week on American Idol:

Why do we love Brooke White?

Brooke White was mentored this week on American Idol by Neil Diamond. Contestants sang two songs this week, so we got a better idea of their consistency.

Brooke first sang Neil Diamond's "I'm A Believer". This was a bit more upbeat than we have seen Brooke White lately. I think that I prefer her this way, as opposed to the more low key tunes she has been choosing lately.

After Simon said that it was a "nightmare" Brooke just came right back out on stage and said she would just continue and do her best!

Her next number was "I Am I Said".... and she really connected to her audience and it just worked! Hooray!

Simon then admitted that he hated the other song, but said it was a million times better than the first song - in Simon's not so humble opinion.

I really think that Brooke White did well enough tonight to make it through... so vote, vote, vote if Brooke White is your American Idol.

I will see you all back here tomorrow night for a review of American Idol's results show:-)

Enjoy BOTH of her videos from this weeks American Idol performances...

By the way, Simon Cowell made some interesting comments about Syesha - saying that he felt that she was most likely in trouble this week. Hmm?

But most are beginning to feel that in the end, we will have a battle between the two Davids for the title of American Idol...



Brooke White American Idol Top Five - "I'm A Believer" Neil Diamond

Brooke White Blogs On The Internet - What Are Others Saying About This Mormon Girl?

I have fun surfing the Internet and reading what is being said by other Brooke White fans out and about. Today, I thought I would share some of the comments left by some diehard bloggers for Brooke White.

These comments come from posters on the official American Idol website and the Brooke White thread that is up and running over there... enjoy the good company:-)


I think Brooke White is an extremely talented young artist. I think she is genuine in a world where we don't have a lot of genuine things happen to us. I think her heart is as big as her voice. She may not win American Idol, but a record company will pick her up. They would be crazy not to.


The reason Brooke White is the way she is is because she is mormon, and that is the way we are raised. I find it so funny because so many people do not understand us and critisize us for not knowing who we really are. And i bet that many people did not realize that she is Mormon. We are raised to be good loving people. We don't watch "R" rated movie, don't Drink, don't Smoke, nor cuss because it is a choice in our lives. We are not forced. I love her personality and pray that she continues to go farther. Now I know someone is probablly going to say bad stuff because there is contentions in all things. i just want people to know that we are not a cult and we are just good wholesome people. She is not fake, she is Exactly what you see


Brooke rox!!! she has a great voice and is very good!! i luv how she doesn't sing pop music.... but oldies folk stuff like that! she is very unique and a great role model!! i think she'll make a CD even if she doesn't win!


Brooke is amazing!

I love her voice,and she's extremely gorgeous!I don't think she's going to win American Idol,but she's still extremely talented and deserves to be known :]


Brooke is an overall muscian which in the long run is WAY better than being the best singer. She has a natural ear for music, can play piano, and guitar, and can write music. IMO she is also a great singer. I think she suffers some from stage fright and that is why she gets so nervous but if you listen to her itunes recorded songs they are awesome. I will definitely be buying any CDs she puts out. I also happen to think that she is probably as nice as she seems.


She is very refreshing and has a beautiful voice. I'm so glad that she has gone thru to the next. Can't wait to hear her next week. Brooke, Just keep being you. No body can ever take that away. Love yourself, because you are who you are because of all the life experiance's you have been thru. So, Just be you.

TCNIIBrooke, wasn't sure how to get a message to you. Hope that you get this..... You have restored a faith in me that I thought was lost. No matter what mistakes we make in life, the only thing that matters is what we do with what comes next. I am 41 years old and have dreamed my whole life of doing what you are doing now. Just hearing you sing though reminds me of how God might sound if I heard his voice and it inspires me to go on. Thank you Brooke. Just be yourself. That is what we love the most.


I think Brooke is the most genuine a "Real" person one could ever meet. She is so pure and humble and the annointing she possesses is so amazing. She is a great singer but an even better performer and I so hope she pulls out the win this year! Good things happens to good people so I'm so optomistic at her chances.


I love the way Brooks voice makes me feel. I have downloaded all of songs and I listen to her daily in my office. She's pure. Right now the american people need to listen to someone that's sincere and gentle. We need a Brooke for young people and yes older generation to look up to also. She can reach them with her voice and her family values. Wake up America


Brooke certainly is a good singer and also shows how talented she is by playing musical instruments as well. This shows that she truly knows music and is not just someone who thinks they can sing by being loud. I hope she keeps her sweet spirit and will continue with her singing whether or not she becomes the new Idol. Its a shame there can only be 1 winner.
  • I hope you enjoyed reading these comments from other Brooke White fans - who are also behind her all the way!

Brooke White "I Am I Said" Neil Diamond on American Idol...

Brooke White American Idol Top Contestant... Working It!

Brooke White "You Must Love Me" American Idol
Brooke White "You Must Love Me" American Idol
Brooke White singing "You've Got A Friend".
Brooke White singing "You've Got A Friend".
Brooke White, graceful and beautiful as always...
Brooke White, graceful and beautiful as always...
Crushed Brooke, huddles with her roommates as they are all in the bottom three...
Crushed Brooke, huddles with her roommates as they are all in the bottom three...

Brooke White American Idol Finalist "You Must Love Me"!

Here we go again.... the top five American Idol contestants compete tonight! After watching the results show last week and seeing the look on Brooke Whites face when she realized that she was not in the bottom two and actually SAFE, it will be interesting to see her performance tonight.

Will Brooke White take this opportunity to really pull out all the stops, as sort of a freebie perhaps? I hope so. I hope that Brooke White is beginning to realize that there is something very special about her, and perhaps it is not all about her singing abilities. I am not saying that she can't sing, because I love her style, but I am suggesting that there is something much more to Brooke White that keeps her loving fans voting their hearts out???

Tell me guys... what is it?



American Idol Results Show:

For all those who have been sweating out the last twenty-four hours... Brooke White is once again SAFE and will return once again to compete on American Idol next week!

Here are the results for this week's voting... remember, we now have only 'two' in the bottom:

David Cook received the most phone and text votes following the April 22 performance show. Carly Smithson, Syesha and Brooke White received the fewest. Carly goes home. Syesha goes on.

Way to go fans of Brooke White! You really came out for her this week...

Okay Brooke, you go girl!

Question: Just what is it about Brooke White that has people so in love with her... so much so - that they continue to vote for her - despite her few mistakes???



American Idol This Week: 4/22:

Brooke White performed Andrew Loyd Webber's "Think of Me".... We have only to wait for the results show this week to see if America decides to keep Brooke White by voting their hearts out on her behalf...

The competition on American Idol is getting tougher each week and stretching Brooke and her abilities. Brooke has a style that is purely Brooke White and for which we all love to hear. This type of singing competition is requiring each American Idol contestant to step out of their comfort zones and doing what they do best. We will see if Brooke White will continue on...

This is for you the voters to decide...



American Idol Results Show: 4/15

Well, Brooke White is Safe once again... but it was still a bit too close in the voting for Brooke White's fans! Brooke White - after a tense results show, is able to breathe once again... but not before she took on Simon and his comment that Kristy Lee should be the one to go.

Simon was asked what he thought about the bottom three this week? Bottom three were Kristy Lee, Brooke White and Syesha... and of course Simon said that he was not surprised. That did not go over well with the audience. When he was asked who he thought should go and he replied "Kristy Lee" - Brooke got very defensive and hugged Kristy Lee sending the message to Simon - that his comment was unacceptable!

To me personally - this show of loyalty from Brooke White to Kristy Lee tells me a lot about the kind of person Brooke White must be. Pride would have loved Simon's comment - but humility rejected it... even though she was just as vulnerable as Kristy Lee in that moment.

Brooke White... IMHO you are one classy woman. Congratulations on going on to next week's competition where we will once again enjoy your sunshine and integrity, which all of us who consider ourselves fans - have grown to love about you.

Good work fans:-)



Brooke White used the singer/songwriter approach to her performance tonight when she sang Mariah Carey's song "Hero". With Brooke White behind her piano singing "Hero", there were definitely some moments that were absolutely beautiful.

Brooke is incredibly genuine as a person and a performer. I think this is what makes her so appealing to her fans. Her voice is uniquely Brooke White and for that - we have fallen in love with her...

I feel that Brooke White made every fan she has proud tonight. Simon seems to be getting a bit more harsh with Brooke each passing week. I am not really sure what that is all about.

Fans - you must vote vote vote for Brooke tonight if you want to see her remain in the competition another week. After last weeks shocking results week when Michael Johns was voted off... no one is safe this week.

Only those American Idol contestants with hard core fans will make it on to the top six and compete once again next week.

Watch video of Brooke White singing Mariah Carey's "Hero"...



Brooke White "You Must Love Me" On American Idol This Week...

Brooke White American Idol Is Safe!

Idol Update 4/15:

After last week's shocking results show on American Idol, I don' t imagine anyone is feeling safe, let alone Brooke White. Although, there is no doubt that Brooke is among the favorites on American Idol and will continue to have a strong show of support from her loyal fans.

I am looking forward to seeing Brooke perform tonight. I really hope she returns to the root performances that we were seeing during the first few weeks of the show... you know - Brooke and either her guitar or on the piano. When Brooke performs using all of her abilities, she absolutely radiates with who she is.

Lets see how things go tonight...



Idol Result Show:

Brooke White went first, Ryan commented on her nerves last night and asked her what was the matter? She said that her sister is getting married this weekend and thought that she would not be there... Brooke then realized how presumptuous that must have sounded.

Ryan Seacrest wasted no time and announced that Brooke White was safe!

I am totally impressed with the voting that must have taken place this past week with the thought that Brooke White could leave the show if things didn't change. No question this is a tribute to Brooke White and her fans who really came through for her. And who knows... maybe some who had not started voting realized that they needed to get their act together and use those fingers!

Well, Brooke White may miss her sister's wedding this week, but surely she is quite relieved after tonight. For those of us who really enjoy having her on American Idol... our work will be rewarded with another performance next week on American idol!

Way to go everyone!



Top 8 Idol Review:

I will leave it up to my readers to decide how Brooke did tonight on American Idol. Internet blogs tonight are feeling like Brooke White perhaps has lost some of her confidence after being in the bottom three last week. A lot of concern about the look on her face during the judges comments and following.

Ryan Seacrest even asked her if she was alright, noting that she was literally shaking. Was it because she was nervous, or was it because her family and her piano teacher were in the audience... she was definitely emotional.

Judges overall felt that Brooke sang "You've Got A Friend" nice. I am not sure that nice is good enough, considering Brooke's votes last week. So come on you guys.... dial away!

Brooke, we love you and we are all pulling for you... We need to see that sunshine smile of yours again.

What did you all think tonight?



Thoughts prior to the show:

Those of us who adore Brooke White, are pulling for her after last week's placement of Brooke, in the bottom three! With so few left on American Idol, I suppose that at some point this is inevitable for almost every American Idol contestant, but for us to see Brooke in that group last week, was most surprising...

Personally, I felt that we would definitely see Ramiele and Kristy Lee in the bottom three; as well as Jason, Syesha and even Carly, before Brooke would be in jeapardy of being voted off.

Those voting for Brooke White are going to need to work it tonight in order to keep her on the show. Polls last week show that David Archeleta, Michael Johns and David Cook and in this order - are the top contestants.

Last weeks Internet polls, prior to the results show, did have both Brooke and Kristy Lee in the bottom three, but not Ramiele... actually it was Syesha. So the polls are not always right... but if the voting is not stronger for Brooke White after tonight's performance - she will likely spend some time in that circle of three tomorrow night with a few of these folks... who are also struggling to get more votes.

Brooke White American Idol Top Finalist Every Move You Make... We Are Watching Her!

Brooke White And Her Mormonism Continue To Shine On American Idol...

American Idol Update:

Results Show:

Yikes! Brooke White was in the bottom three! NO! Too soon... This is when I start to question 'how' much drama is manufactured on American Idol. It seems like American Idol producers - like to throw a favorite in the bottom three, just to get a rise out of the viewers... it's WORKING!

Nonetheless, it does give us an indicator, that Brooke will most likely not make it to the finals, unless she herself - pulls out a break-out performance next week on American Idol.

There is no question, that as a person - Brooke White would win Miss Congeniality:-) Her light is glaring and noticed by all those who come in contact with her. American Idol Season 7 will not look the same if Brooke White were removed this early in the competition.

I think, that following that moment in the bottom three, Brooke White might just need to give us all something to talk about.... watching Brooke:-)

We are true fans here!

Tues Night:

Tonight on American Idol, top nine finalist battle it out on American Idol. Contestants sang songs of Dolly Parton, so things kind had a twang all evening.

Brooke White sang Dolly Parton's "Jolene".... and it definitely gave us a hint of what Brooke White would sound like if she was a country gal. Overall, the judges just thought it was OK. Simon was definitely not thrilled, but nonetheless the expressions as always - were that everyone loves Brooke White:-)

Next week will be critical for Brooke White... she is going to need to step it up somewhat. Her cute Mormonism won't take her to the top, when the talent is so tough this year on American Idol. She must have a stand-out performance next week, just like her 'companion' David Archuleta did tonight.

David was hot! He sang Dolly Parton's "Smokey Mountain Memories" and truly melted every-one's hearts in the process. David Archuleta definitely needed this performance tonight in order to stay in the front; especially after David Cook's amazing rendition of "Billy Jean" last week. That was hot!

I love watching Brooke White each and every week. I expect that she will remain in the competition at least until we get to the top 3 or 4. It looks like it may be a male face off in the finals... let's keep watching.

Anything can still happen with the final winner - we still have quite a few weeks for anyone to pull out more great performances.

Keep it up Brooke, you are doing wonderful:-)



We loved her tonight! And she course corrected righ away... I mean the very beginning. It took her two breaths to get going... literally:-) But she gained strength with every word she sang... and she was powerful for her fans....

Brooke looked amazing! Did you love Brooke's hair or what? Fabulous! She has her fans mesmerized once again, even though Randy was not really all that down with her song choice.

Randy noted her professionalism tonight. Funny... judges one week suggest Brooke use the band, the next week they tell her to put it away... whatever. I hope Brooke will just be Brooke White.

But we seem to have a consensus between Randy and Simon, and that is - Brooke needs to remain Brooke White. Her piano and her voice (maybe her guitar on occasion) are all that she needs.

I really hope that Brooke White listens to her heart and continues the competition being only Brooke White.

Simon commanded that she will be back! Got that everyone? Vote!

I really look forward to the weeks ahead with Brooke White... I am confident now, that Brooke knows exactly what she needs to do.

You go Brooke... and we will be watching U:-)



  • Note: If you really are a Brooke White fan... you must watch the vintage video that I have just posted from her High School years. Brooke is sixteen in these videos and they will melt your heart:-)

Brooke White On American Idol and "Jolene"

Brooke White - Her Dreams Coming True On American Idol!

Always Beautiful Brooke, Always A Star...
Always Beautiful Brooke, Always A Star...
Brooke White Is Sunshine To Her Fans...
Brooke White Is Sunshine To Her Fans...
Yeah... She Is Having A Great Time!
Yeah... She Is Having A Great Time!


Idol Update: 3/19/08

Idols were back at the Beatles and it was not as HOT as last weeks performances! Sorry, but true.

Brooke White chose a safe song, that turned out a bit dorky! But, hey... you gotta love how Brooke did "Here come the sun" - not necessarily her mediocre performance....

Brooke starts out in this yellow, foofy petal-like dress (laughing already) she is sitting down... and you think you can perhaps take her seriously... and then - it is all downhill the minute she stands up and tries to dance like a flower! LOL Sorry, but it was just awkward.

Here is the great part about the whole fiasco... other than maybe she can get a job for Elizabeth Arden as the "Sunflower" perfume girl... (sorry just came out) But you gotta love Brooke.... the minute the judges "had" to dog her entire performance.... the crowd begins to boo the judges furiously.... Brooke immediately tell them to back down from being hard on the judges... after all - they are right! LOL

Brooke basically felt the same about the whole thing as the judges and let them know that they had her permission to give it to her straight and that the judges were really doing their rightful job. Hey guys... she is nobody special here - right?

It was quite comical. Brooke finished the night, through her grace as a person, not her dance moves for sure... warming the hearts of everyone once again.

The sun in her personality was really glaring tonight, even though her performance was... silly really, but hey - she knows that!

Brooke - I love you. A classy woman who knows how to endear herself to all around her:-)



Last weeks American Idol was HOT! Top contestants got to choose songs from the Beatles to perform on the show. Not bad song selections to choose from.

This should be HOT. Once again Simon, Paula and Randy - give her thumbs up for another week running. Triple play now!

This week performance: IMHO Brooke is consistent with her performances. They are raw and confident. I really enjoy her very comfortable style of how she connects with the audience. She has me hooked watching...

I called it right! Brooke was completely solid tonight. Is she too solid? We will see. Loved her song choice of "Let It be". She commented that the Beatles definitely influenced her music growing up.

A very organic and natural woman... in this mesmerizing performance. I really think Brooke knows her strength and style and knows how to cameo those strength.

Brooke was flawless and confident beyond her years... Brooke will be a star regardless of what happens on American Idol. It appears as though this is her destiny.

I wrote my review (on pause) before I listened to the judges... I am good at this:-) LOL

But, hey... it was just too obvious for those judges to not be unified. After all... who wants to be "man out"? Not cool!

Go Brooke! We are standing by your side all the way.

Let it be...

Although where Brooke White is concerned... and the Judges were unified in their remarks and critic - for some reason, it didn't matter to any of us watching. It was a Brooke moment in time... beautiful.



Brooke - If you are out there.... I am very proud of the presence you maintain... it is that of a true daughter of God. Thanks, for sharing it with the world. LNAM:-)

It is so much fun watching Brooke White just SHINE:-) Isn't it? So meet me back here soon and I will have more fun info, pics and any updates on Brooke White our Mormon women that you need to know about. LOL


Baltimore Sun Is A Bit More Objective... With Brooke White.

The Baltimore Sun's Sarah Kelber had this to say about the perfomance and the judges...

"I was afraid it would be really boring since she is not remotely a rocker, but it was actually really nice and better than I expected. Randy says he really liked it, even though she didn't bring anything new to it, which is weird because her take on it was pretty different."

Brooke White Sings "Love Is A BattleField" Is She Sending A Message To Member David Archuleta?

Brooke chose to sing the song.... "Love Is A Battlefield" originally usg by Pat Benatar - tonight on American Idol.

Randy loved the acoustic guitar... as it showed her talent off. Paula thought she should have used the band and SIMON COWELL totally disagreed with Paula and told Brooke she had once again...

A GREAT PERFORMANCE... two weeks running according to Simon Cowell!

Brooke was happy with her song choice!

Paula then pops in and says that perhaps she should have started with the acoustic guitar and then brought up the band. Best of both worlds....

Or maybe Paula does not like it when Simon "Say" what he has to say so loudly?

It was another rockin night for Brooke White... leading the "Mormons" toward a show-down of their loyalties... LOL

I am still awaiting live feed so that I can place a Video on this Hub as soon as it comes available which should be momentarily:-)

Got it... ENJOY!


Brooke White Of American Idol, Serenades "Simon"?

Brooke White - A Mormon Woman, Who Is Also An American Idol Contestant!

Working it out...
Working it out...
Brooke White... Shmoozing with the big dog!
Brooke White... Shmoozing with the big dog!
Both Brooke White And David Archuleta, Mormons... Have Taken American Idol by Storm!
Both Brooke White And David Archuleta, Mormons... Have Taken American Idol by Storm!
Is It Possible That These Two Mormons Will Meet In A Show-down For The Next American Idol?  What Will LDS Members Do.... Could Something Like This - Divide The Church...  LOL
Is It Possible That These Two Mormons Will Meet In A Show-down For The Next American Idol? What Will LDS Members Do.... Could Something Like This - Divide The Church... LOL

American Idol Has Got itself A Mormon Nanny - To Play Around With!

This is one of the really fun things to always see in the media. Of course this is totally from a Mormon's perspective...

From what 'we' often see... things that would just pass on by, suddenly take on new meaning when the 'person' just happens to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints!

Have you noticed?

Brooke White, although not a politician - is definitely receiving a lot of attention because she just happens to be a beautiful blond, who can also sing like no ones business; but Brooke White also - just so happens to be a Mormon, and a cute nanny to boot!

Sorry, but she is happily married:-)

Big deal you say? Fine.

But, from what I can tell, the media is already taking this one to the bank. If you have been watching American Idol up to this point and have seen clips of the try-outs, then you are most certainly already aware, of the playfulness going on between Brooke and Simon Cowell....

For those of you, who just were not quite ready, to take to a Mormon for President... yet ---- how about a Mormon American Idol, who happens to be women, blond, talented and proud of her LDS Values!

Could this be the year of the Woman?

Quote From Brookes' American Idol Page...


"If you don't make it on American Idol, what will you do?


I'll be a "mom", another dream I look forward to fulfilling some day!"

You go Brooke!

Get To Know Brooke White And How She Handles Her Mormonism and Simon...

I will admit it... I am excited for Brooke White!

Is it because she is a Mormon, or is it because I think she is the best American Idol contestant? Because, you know... there is also a talented guy from Sandy, Utah - by the name of David Archuleta - who is also a Mormon Hottie?

So, why have I decided to jump on the Brooke White bandwagon right now? I can't say for absolute sure - that it is not because she is Mormon... although I am willing to admit my bias - that she just happens to be a female "Mormon" and I really do like that!

It is more likely, in all honesty, because Brooke White is a Mormon Woman - and that is HOT!

As we go through these weekly shows on American Idol, we will follow Brooke White... the Mormon Woman.

Not only as an American Idol contestant, but more importantly to this observer - that she is a Mormon Woman first... and today - that is very relative to the history of Women and Mormonism right now!

So Brooke, if your are out there listening... from this one California blond girl to another - LdsNana is watching and listening!

And I know that many will be Asking this Mormon Woman - a lot of questions...

Heads Up Brooke:-)



American Idol Contestant, Independent Video That She Put Out.. wow!

American Idol Updates... How Does LdsNana THINK Brooke White Is Doing OUT THERE?

Well, if you ask Simon Cowell, who knows how to pick em, I think she is doing pretty well. When she sang the song "You're So Vain" and Simon was sure it was a personal message to him?

I don't know about that, but -- most artist of any kind, usually use their art form to say that which in most situations cannot be outright said... hmmm? I think I like this Mormon woman already. We think alike:-)

Update: 3/12

I could not be enjoying watching Brooke - with any more admiration for her style and grace... than I am currently - regardless of how American Idol, the show turns out for Brooke. As I have said from the beginning - Brooke White is a star. He stardom is evedent just upon observing her interact with others. It is a delight to follow her.

Brooke - LdsNana is so happy you are making what I am doing to be such a true pleasure:-) You go and just "Let it be"!

Brooke White American Idol Interview

Randy Says "Get Your Slay On Brooke"! She is Original and The Judges LIke it!

Brooke White for Star 98.7 - Before American Idol Contest...

Go ahead and leave your comments.... you do NOT need to register to comment on this thread:-)


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