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David Archuleta - Is a Mormon American Idol

Updated on September 9, 2015

David Archuleta Declared Unitedly to be "The Best Singer of Season 7 - Right Here"!

American Idol Season 7 Grand Finale!
American Idol Season 7 Grand Finale!
David Archuleta working it on American Idol
David Archuleta working it on American Idol
Adorable David!
Adorable David!

What is David Archuleta of American Idol Season 7 Doing Now?

Update: David Archuleta is doing his first solo concert tour. Great news for American Idol fans!


David Archuleta has added a Utah date to his concert tour – he'll perform at the E Center in West Valley City on Friday, March 27, at 7:30 p.m.  (Deseret News)

Seattle Times reported -

Those Archie fans are a rabid bunch. General ticket sales started today for many of the dates on David Archuleta's upcoming solo tour, and they're going fast at some venues. Reportedly, the 1,500 seats at Chicago's House of Blues sold out in 15 minutes this morning.

Great news for David Archuleta fans -- David Archuleta has signed a record deal!

David Archuleta is also spending his time doing interviews and performing on television, making appearances, signing a lot of autographs, etc... Best of all, for David Archuleta fans, is that he is getting ready to go on tour with the Top Ten American Idol Finalist in concert - this Summer!

Tickets are on sale right now for The American Idol Live Concert Tour. Tickets can be bought online and are expected to sell out fast! This Summer's American Idol tour is expected to be the very best American Idol Concert to date...

Also, make sure and check out Kelli Baker who was found in Salt Lake City, Utah, during auditions for the popular television show, "So You Think You Can Dance". Kelli Baker is a great artist. I don't know yet, if she is a Mormon, but I am hoping to find out soon. Either way, Kellie will be really enjoyable to follow throughout the season. She will definitely go far. You will never believe who her mom is?

American Idol Finale Results:

David Archuleta fans, of course - will be so disappointed with him not winning the TITLE of "The" American Idol Season 7, but there is no question that David Archuleta BEAT THE COMPETITION!

David Archuleta walked away from last night's final competition as the clear winner according to all three professional judges. No one can ever say - that all three judged did not think the wrong guy won the title. David Cook is very good, but as I said... last night he paled in comparison to David Archuleta.

No doubt David Archuleta will be a 1st runner up that will overshadow the Idol winner this season. I think that David Cook will have his run as the title winner, sell a CD or two and then fade....

David Archuleta on the other hand, is a Star! He is the kind of talent, like what an earlier poster felt... is most likely too good for American Idol. Regardless, American Idol gave us all the opportunity to meet David Archuleta. I am thrilled for David Archuleta. David will not be bound contractually with anyone and will be able to pursue his career as he directs it. There are probably more advantages to not winning the actual title of American Idol... and David Archuleta will no doubt capitalize on his second place position.

I am more than proud to have followed David Archuleta over the past few months and will continue to do so as he branches out into his amazing future. It will be interesting to see if David Archuleta steals the show like he did last night when standing by the side of David Cook at this Summer's American Idol Concerts.

I think it would be great to see American Idol Season 7 in their American Idol Live tour this summer. David Archuleta makes it worth going and seeing this summer Idol Concert. But truly, this is the best top 10 that American Idol has had.

Congratulations David Archuleta! You are the winner of American Idol Season 7 in all of your fans hearts!

Way to go ArchuAdorable! The million dollar smile, eh? Like David Archuleta said of last night... no one can take that moment away from him -- Winner!




Read more about David Cook American Idol Season 7 Winner here!


According to Simon Cowell, "...this show is about finding a star and tonight i think we have witness one of the great finals... but here is the good news, and in my opinion David, you came out here to win and what we have witnessed, is a KNOCKOUT!"

This was unquestionably the consensus of all three American Idol judges at the end of the night’s competition. Simon Cowell had the last and final words -- and truly, he put the period on American Idol Season 7.

The other David, could simply not even hold a candle when competing side-by-side with David Archuleta. It was a brilliant night for David Archuleta.

For both David Archuleta and American Idol, this will no doubt go down in history as one of the most spectacular nights in T.V. History --- when a Star that was born - became a Star for everyone on American Idol Season 7.

Now, this does not mean you can relax and only vote once... no! You must vote until your fingers fall off!

What a party all David Archuleta fans are going to have tomorrow night! Yeah! I am so glad that I joined the David Archuleta fan club.

This has been great!

MORE TO COME.... I am West Coast! Be back...



David Archuleta on American Idol - DAVID vs DAVID in the Final Two!

David Archuleta heading into the American Idol Finale!
David Archuleta heading into the American Idol Finale!
American Idol Phone and Text Voting Results May 13, 2008
American Idol Phone and Text Voting Results May 13, 2008

David Archuleta versus David Cook in the Final Showdown on American idol!

With all of the attention that David Archuleta has been receiving because of American Idol, the LDS Newsroom has just released an article about "famous Mormons" and I thought many of you would be interested in reading it.

Not all Mormons are the same, of course... and for those who find themselves in the mainstream of celebrity - they each will deal with it in different ways. David Archuleta has been a wonderful ambassador for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints - and still maintains his complete individuality.

David was recently asked about his future and if he is planning on serving a two year mission for the LDS Church. His response: "I already feel like I am." This tells me, that David Archuleta is very conscious about how people see him in connection to the Mormon Church.

Like Donny Osmond, David Archuleta has the ability of touching many many people with his music and the light which he radiates as a person through this venue. Donny Osmond was too popular when he was eligible to serve a mission as a young man... He too, felt his music was his mission for the LDS Church.

Thanks David, you are a phenomenal missionary for the LDS Church.




Okay all you David Archuleta fans who can't wait to see him in concert - here is your opportunity to get your tickets online now - and before the general public - DO IT!


American Idol Results Show:

As predicted, Syesha was voted off of American Idol.

David versus David: is your headline for the final showdown on American Idol! This according to Internet polls taken by - who have been fairly accurate with their reports...

If the vote for American Idol were held today, David Cook would narrowly win over David Archuleta....

So... all you David Archuleta fans - you must vote until your fingers fall off next week! LOL



American Idol Final Three:

David Archuleta was in the "ZONE" tonight! I don't think David Archuleta could possibly have performed with more perfection - than he did in tonight's American Idol Competition!

HOT is what David Archuleta puts out! He gave it all tonight and no doubt he will make it into the final two on American Idol.

Paula Abdul chose a song for David Archuleta, which was originally done by Billy Joel - "And So It Goes". This was a masterful choice for David Archuleta! He was sheer perfection.

Paul wanted to showcase David's amazing vocals, and it did just that! David said he was really excited to sing the song choice given by Paula. Really this was a spectacular performance by David Archuleta tonight, on American Idol.

David chose his next song - " With You". This was really fun for David's younger fans. It was really great to see David Archuleta sing a song that would definitely appeal to a younger audience. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing David perform this number.

Call it a "triple" play tonight. Next up... David chose to sing a song made popular by Dan Fogelberg - Longer. David sang this song superbly!

Interesting - Simon Cowell seemed to have nothing really positive to say to David Archuleta tonight. Maybe I am the only one that throught this? But when Simon "announced" David Cook as the "winner" for the night - I thought... "What the heck"?

There is NO question that David Archuleta was the clear "winner" at the end of the night on American Idol - tonight! So I am just wondering if anyone else is a bit suspicious as to Simon's intentions tonight?

I really think David Archuleta was very smart in his line-up tonight. It almost seemed like, with each of David's song choices tonight, that he was appealing to each facet of his fan base.

Way to go David. We will definitely see you in the final showdown on American Idol!



David Cook and David Archuleta Guitar Hero Commercials!

David Archuleta - "Longer" Dan Fogelberg

David Archuleta Goes Home to Salt Lake City, Utah and It Is EMOTIONAL!

David Archuleta "Day" In Utah! Murray High Fans Screaming in Support For Fellow Mormon Kid!

A Great "Day" for David Archuleta in Utah!
A Great "Day" for David Archuleta in Utah!
David Archuleta revels in a group hug given him, by Murray High Cheerleaders!  LOL  What teenager wouldn't?
David Archuleta revels in a group hug given him, by Murray High Cheerleaders! LOL What teenager wouldn't?
David Archuleta sang for his fans while in Utah...
David Archuleta sang for his fans while in Utah...
David Archuleta receives a big welcome when he went home to Salt Lake City, Utah...
David Archuleta receives a big welcome when he went home to Salt Lake City, Utah...
David Archuleta's home appearance actually required a lot of planning by the city....
David Archuleta's home appearance actually required a lot of planning by the city....

American Idol Tour Tickets Will Be Available Online! See David Archuleta LIVE!

The American Idol Tour, featuring David Archuleta, will hit the E Center in West Valley City on Monday, July 14, at 7 p.m.

Tickets, ranging in price from $39.50-$68.50, will go on sale Saturday, May 17, at 10 a.m. at all Smithstix outlets and the E Center box office.

Tickets will also be available online at ticket outlets such as stubhub -- for convenient purchasing. The American Idol Tour will be coming to your hometown too... so be sure and check it out!

Here is what Bethie had to say about "David Day" - she was there!

I live in Salt Lake and yesterday there was a 2-hour special on the local FOX channel about "David's Day".

It's such fun to watch him. He is so REAL.

I believe he will win "Idol" and become a national star, kinda like a "LDS Elvis". He will be a great ambassador for the Church, just as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been.

Like he was asked yesterday, "will you serve a mission?", he answered innocently and truthfully, "I feel like I already am!"

David Archuleta Goes Home to Salt Lake City, Utah!

American Idol News Update - Just in: Apparently David Archuleta's dad has been banned on American Idol!

Yesterday was a big big day for Utah! American Idol, David Archuleta went home to visit his old friends. David Archuleta attended Murray High School and his friends, now fans - came out screaming in support for David!

There is no doubt that the state of Utah, believes that David Archuleta is the next American Idol on Season 7.

David Archuleta spent his day of celebration wearing his always "ArhuAdorable" grin! Humility - seems to be "signature" David Archuleta. David Archuleta is always overwhelmed by the responses from his adoring fans - to what he does, so well!

David Archuleta really enjoyed a true "heroes" welcome home! Fox T.V were there to orchestrate this entire event. We will be the recipients of what Fox puts together on this coming week's American Idol. But this was big! A lot of fun, and a truly genuine love-fest for David Archuleta and his faithful fans of Utah!

Utah is considered "Mormon" Country! Where else would David Archuleta receive such a warm response? Well, a lot of places actually and not just by the Mormons either. Remember, membership in the Mormon Church is at about 13 million "world-wide", nor can they all vote! LOL So, they don't all live in Utah!

David Archuleta has oodles of fans, that are not Mormon. The facts actually are - that the majority of David Archuleta's fans are not Mormons.

Let me debunk one other thing... Mormons are not voting for David Archuleta just because he happens to be Mormon. This is really kind of offensive to most Mormons from what I am hearing lately.

We acknowledge the fact that David Archuleta is a Mormon... and of course, Mormons love that:-) But there have been quite a few Mormon contestants on Idol over the last few years.... and "they" were not voted in by the Mormons! LOL They come - they go... but David Archuleta is just different!

David Archuleta has "everything" it takes - to win American Idol this year. Because David Archuleta just happens to be a Mormon, allows those of us who "are" Mormon too - to help others "see" and "know" what that looks like...

David Archuleta was brought up as a Mormon boy. If you have MODAR - you could easily identify David Archuleta as a Mormon very very easily. In fact - people were asking about both Brooke White and David Archuleta "before" the facts were known.

Many people believe, who are "not" Mormon... that you can just tell when someone is "Mormon". David Archuleta wreaks of Mormonism!

Whether you are a Mormon fan, other some other type of loyal David Achaleta fan.... we are all his fans and wish him the absolute best luck on American Idol this coming week!

I can already give you the results of this weeks American Idol Competition - here is what the headline will look:


Do you guys like that?



David Archuleta On American Idol - Top Runner!

David Archuleta is heading toward the final showdown, with nothing to stop him insight...
David Archuleta is heading toward the final showdown, with nothing to stop him insight...
David Archuleta, singing his heart out to America!
David Archuleta, singing his heart out to America!

David Archuleta On American Idol - Rock N Roll!

Well... no big surprises this week on the American Idol results show. Remember that website, The website that guesstimates the American Idol voting results? Last week - they was all wrong. This week - that actually got their Internet polling information - right!

David Archuleta received the most votes by text and phone calls following this weeks American Idol competition. As expected - Jason had the least and he was voted off.

Funny thing... relief, yes - relief is the only word that comes to my mind after watching the results show tonight. No doubt, this is exactly what Jason was feeling. Quite a different night on American Idol, from last week's result show. Like - almost a party feeling. Weird?

David Archuleta is now in the top three on American Idol. He is exactly where he has been dreaming of being. Next week on American Idol, will determine the final two to go into the last showdown.

David Archuleta, in my opinion, has been the most solid and consistent of all the contestants in American Idol Season 7. That has been, in past idol seasons - a pretty good situation to find one's self in - going into the last few competitions.

Next week is going to be really exciting. No doubt, David Archuleta will once again here the word "safe" next week... heading right into that final expected battle - of the Davids!



This week on American Idol - it was Rock n Roll week! David Archuleta sang two numbers.... and with that, "Crushed The Competition" according to Simon Cowell!

David Archuleta started out the evening by performing "Stand By Me" originally recorded by Ben E. King and nailed it! But that wasn't enough... David Archuleta had to go and literally "crust the competition" by doing his rendition of The King, Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender"!

Although David Archuleta sounded smooth as butter - he was deadly when it came to making sure that he remained on the top of American Idol! There is absolutely no doubt that David Archuleta will be sitting on top at the end of tomorrow night's results show on American Idol.

Mormons who continue to support David Archuleta - should be very happy with how he has performed weekly. David is as solid as a rock - so solid, that like I said before, he crushed the competition.

Jason was horrible. I expect him to be voted off this week. David Cook was just not himself tonight. Syesha gave it her all and shined like never before.

But David Archuleta was amazingly ARCHU-ADORABLE tonight. Like Elvis Presley... David Archuleta had the girls swooning tonight. His big smile and those cutie-pie dimples were just perfect for his performance of "Love Me Tender".

As he serenaded the girls in tonight's audience and pulled out the line referencing all the "beautiful girls" requesting them to "Stand By Me" -- well, he had me! LOL

It was a great night on American Idol for our Mormon boy - David Archuleta!

Tonight - David Archuleta is The King! Way to go....



David Archuleta "Final Four" On American Idol Tonight!

American Idol Update: 5/6

Hi Everyone:-)

David Archuleta assumes his coveted position amongst the "Final Four" American Idol contestants this week on American Idol. Although there is a lot of discussion concerning "who" made this top four who will compete this week, there is no opposition to David Archuleta's being here...

David Archuleta has worked hard and nailed his performances each week - making his fans proud. David is as smoooooth as butter and we all expect David Archuleta to slide right into the final showdown on American Idol Season 7!



American Idol Results Show: 4/30

So much for Internet "polls"! They might have been right in predicting who got the most votes, but definitely not for who got the least.

This week, on the American Idol results show - David Archuleta's Mormon companion was voted off the show - Brooke White. At one point, it appeared as though Brooke and David could have met in the final showdown. As the show has progressed though, it is now evident that David Archuleta's main concern is David Cook.

Since the online polls apparently were not accurate on guessing who would be voted off this week - I don't intend to give it the credibility that it has taken to determine who got the most votes either.

This year's American Idol winner could go to either David Archuleta or David Cook - and right now - it is all speculation as to how this will all play out.

One thing for certain - David Archuleta is safe safe safe and now we are down to the final four on American Idol.... whoopee!

Way to go David Archuleta!



Idol Brief Today: 4/30

Internet Polls currently are showing these results after last night's American Idol -

According to ZABASEARCH.COM here are the results:

Syesha received the fewest phone and text votes following the April 29 performance show. David Cook received the most.

Still, we will wait to find out on the official American Idol Results show tonight - who, has been voted off!

Last Night on American Idol:

David Archuleta sang two of Neil Diamond's greatest Hits. David began the evening with the upbeat song of "Sweet Caroline" and then brought it home when he sang "America"!

Brilliant choice of song, was what was heard by David from the Judges on his pick of "America". He really delivered what Neil Diamond himself, also did when he sang "America" back in the day...

Randy continues to proclaim David Archuleta as "da bomb"! Really, who can argue that, eh?

When David Archuleta finished singing Neil Diamonds hit "America" - the judges in rapid succession fired off comments such as "Brilliant" - "Perfect song choice" - "Smart" -- and Randy noted that David Archuleta was "in the zone"!

Sounds pretty good to me... I wasn't too happy when Paula said she felt that she was looking at the next Idol, when referring to David Cook tonight. Although, I agree that it will be the two Davids that will battle it out in the finals. I think what we may have been hearing was simply Paula's personal preference.

Personally, I love both Davids and will have seriously a difficult time making a final decision. The "Davids" are just so different and yet both are brilliant performers.

Check this out for more information about the potential battle between the two Davids!

See you tomorrow night following the American Idol Results Show. Enjoy both of these videos of David Archuleta's performances.



David Archuleta "When You Believe"

David Archuleta Is Top American Idol Contestant!

David Archuleta melting hearts with "Angel"!
David Archuleta melting hearts with "Angel"!
Polls currently are showing David Archuleta as the Top runner to win American Idol...
Polls currently are showing David Archuleta as the Top runner to win American Idol...
David Archuleta, singing his heart out on "Smokey Mountain Memories".
David Archuleta, singing his heart out on "Smokey Mountain Memories".
Think of Me Always...
Think of Me Always...

Davd Archuleta of American Idol Competes Again and Now With The Top Five - Remaining.

Here we go again... the top five will compete again tonight on American Idol! David Archuleta continues to be flawless. I recently read that those who have grown up around David Archuleta, really were somewhat oblivious to his musical abilities.

Apparently, this is because of his shy nature. On a youth trip with the Mormon Church, it seems that one of his closer friends was prodding him to sing, and this was somewhat embarrassing for David, because most were not aware of his very developed talent.

From what I understand, David finally gave in and sang. It is heard that it absolutely stopped these rambunctious youth in their tracks, and literally blew them all away. I can only imagine what that moment must have been like for these teens...

Kind of funny isn't is? In his own hometown, for the most part - he is just David Archuleta - nice guy. Lets hope that when this is all said and done, David will still have a place, to be just "David Archuleta".

UPDATE 4/28:

I just got back from a two week + trip. I was not able to watch American Idol last week. I was only able to view David Archuleta's performance on YouTube and did not see all that surrounded the week's performance, judges and all...

It was really great to sit down today and watch the performance on the big screen (home t.v.) and really absorb the whole idol experience.

Randy was once again, all about David Archuleta being the boy to beat! No doubt. I am sure we will see the two Davids as I have said previously, in the finals. I continue to have a difficult time even comparing the two of them against one another.

David Archuleta and David Cook are absolute polar opposites when it comes to styles in music and personality. One one hand we have David Archuleta, who is the epitome of humble in every situation; and then we have David Cook with his masses of confidences, which alsways seems to convey that he knows it.

As well as years a part in experience to boot. This is what brings me back to David Archuleta and his amazing raw talent for such a young person. He has been so refreshing as an entertainer to observe this season on American Idol Season 7.

Can you imagine what David's abilities will be in ten years from now? If we could turn the clocks forward and stand David Archuleta next to David Cook at same ages, what do you think we would have?

I think this is the question we should consider when we even try to compare the two David's. So maybe it is not a battle against two equals, but really the hands on a clock that we cannot really foresee... yet.

Both of these Davids are a joy to watch this season as they both show their amazing gift and talent weekly!

America will decide what they want in their American Idol, and either way it goes - we will have an American idol to be proud of!

I continue to be moved by David Archuleta's gift of music and personal character, which he displays with such grace and at such a young age.



American Idol Results:

Here they are in a nutshell:

David Cook received the most phone and text votes following the April 22 performance show. Carly Smithson, Syesha and Brooke White received the fewest. Carly goes home. Syesha goes on.

The way things are now - they only designate a "bottom" two - of which were Carly and Syesha - Carly being voted off American Idol this week!

David Cook hold the Internet polling "first" place right now, so David will need to really come out next week and take it right back! This is really fun.... Definitely a battle of the "Davids"!



This Week on American Idol: 4/22

David Archuleta performed Andrew Loyd Webber's song" When You Believe". The judges gave mixed reviews. It is up to the voters to decide what you think about David Archuleta. If David's fans remain loyal he should have no problems with returning and continuing on to the finals.

But... vote we must!



American Idol Results Show:

It seemed as though, American Idol wanted to know just what David Archuleta is really all about... On tonight's result show - Idols went from seven to six finalist. Ryan Seacrest brought out from the back each of the seven contestants one at a time. The first six were divided into two groups of three each... and then - Ryan called out the last contestant, who was David Archuleta and announce that David Archuleta was and is - safe.

Ryan now invited David Archuleta to go and join one of the two groups - and to pick the one that 'he' thought was safe! Uh Huh? So, what did David do? Where do you think he went?

David refused the request and simply sat down right in the center of the stage! Now that is class! For a seventeen year old to make a move like that - I think was just downright bold. Most would have made the choice that most all knew in their own minds, but David refused to allow anyone to put him in the position of judge - maintaining the humility and integrity of which we love this kid:-)

Brooke White also had her own moment, while in the bottom three to show who she really is - and it was also a classic moment for this viewer who already thinks the world of both of these Mormon kids.

Congratulations David Archuleta! Next week is going to be awesome. Andrew Loyd Webber is the mentor and the Idol contestants will of course, be singing some of the greatest performance songs ever written.

I can't wait!



Idol Update:

David was simply - THE BOMB tonight on American Idol. When David Archuleta finished singing his version of Mariah Carey's ";When You Believe"; - it was if the judges knew - that they had heard the winner of American Idol.

There was almost a hush amongst the studio, as everyone was taken back with David's performance tonight. It was if he had somehow - humbled the judges - and they knew it...

David performed first tonight and has set the bar for the remaining contestants in the top seven...

Update: David Cook broke out with quite a perfomance tonight as well. Judges were pretty amazed by His song and Randy gave his first personal standing ovation of the season...

I agree with other's who feel that we are looking most like towards a final showdown between David Archuleta and David Cook.

The Final Showdown Is Heating Up With David Archuleta and David Cook As Fearce Competitors!

Video for David Archuleta sings ";When You Believe"; here below NOW!

David Archuleta, Who is Mormon -- Wll Compete Once Again In The Top Seven Tonight On American Idol!

Pre-show Idol Update:

Tonight on American Idol, the remaining Idol Contestants will compete again!

Following the shocking results show of last week, when assumed serious contender to potentially meet up with David Archuleta in the final showdown - Michael Johns - was voted off. Michael Johns had up to that shocking announcement, never been in the bottom three.

What message does that send to all idol contestants other than - no one can really feel very safe! With that said, David Archuleta continues to remain number one in the polls which are taken on the Internet. It also should send a message to those of us who are David Archuleta fans... to dial dial dial once again this week!

If you have been splitting your votes prior to this week, but you really want to see David Archuleta win - I would suggest that you not do that anymore and give David your 100% loyalty.

Things are definitely heating up on American Idol. So for those of you who are Mormons... now is the time to cast your votes for either David Archuleta or Brooke White... and make the truth be known as to who you really think should win on American Idol! I know this is difficult, but if you do not -- they both risk being voted off before the finals... serious. LOL

I look forward to enjoying another David Archuleta performance tonight on American Idol and will definitely be back to report on how things go and what kind of feedback David will receive from the judges.

And as always... I will post the YouTube video of David's performance the minute it hits the Internet, which is fairly fast these days.



Yes, David is a Mormon - Here is what you have been saying about that?

I will be posting some of your comments that you leave here on this thread...

He's sixteen. How do we know he has good moral values? We don't until we observe his choices, yet to come. Mormons, Hindus, Muslims all share a similar commitment to morality. cfperez

Young people, like Brooke and David, who choose to enter the spotlight are typically very aware of how much more attention they will get because of their religious affiliation. Let's face it, if they were of virtually any other faith, no one would ask or even care. Digital Bard

What does his religious affiliation have to do with it? I guess if we are believers in a moral center of any kind, that's wonderful, but it is something to be demonstrated by our life choices not by a PR operation. He's sixteen. MrMarmalade

Let's show this Nation what a good Mormon American Idol can be like!!! BYU 1 Fan

I think that fame and notoriety brings with it a lot of negative aspects, but from what I've seen of Archuadorable I believe that his morality and humility will remain strong, and he can only be a stellar example amongst an ever increasing group of famous young people who have lost their way. Go Davey! MormonCheeseHead

it takes a lot of guts to do what they do and religion should stay out of it. David and Brooke are good and that's all that matters. Kaybaby


They are a shining example of goodness and humility. LDS should shine to set good examples to the world especially in the showbiz or singing industry where morals are deteriorating! Ruth

I do not care what his religion is! This kid has an amazing voice! Angela44

ldsNana-askMormon....I'm a mormon too....let's be careful and not commercialize this...there are wonderful official websites that answer all questions anyone has...bearing testimony is one thing. it is enough. Marisuewrites

You may read the complete post below...

Top Contestant David Archuleta, Who Is A Mormon Sang "Angels" Like An Angel! SAFE for another week...

Results Show Update: (previous week)

David Archuleta was invited to come out after Brooke White was told she was safe...

Of course, the girls went wild! David remained calm and showed humility under the circumstances. He did not even acknowledge all the screaming... very classy kid.

He was asked about performing with the piano? David said that he was glad he did it. Ryan then, simply announced - David Archuleta, is safe!

Again, the crowd went wild... but this time, David had his ArchuAdorable David Archuleta grin going on from ear to ear!

Yes, David is on the path to the final showdown. The only question left is... who will he compete against. Michael John's who was thought to be a possible contender was voted off the show...

It just may very well be the two David's in the end...

Great job David Archuleta. Great job his fans:-) You guys did an awesome job as well making sure your voices are being heard.



Tonight's Idol Review Final 8:

David Archuleta had the best performance of the night! The judges loved his choice of song... which was "Angels" by Robbie Williams. Judges said it was the best of the night, and that David Archuleta will sail into next week!

David Archuleta fans everywhere are loving those words... but that does not mean that you do not need to vote! So make sure and vote and keep David in his top spot!

He sang Angel at the piano and it was amazing! Randy was in awe of David's runs at the end of the song and felt that 'this' was pure David Archuleta. It was apparent by the judges reaction tonight, that David is most likely a shoo-in for the finals. David just did what David Archuleta does best... and that is - be perfectly wonderful!

Yes, the girls were screaming and the crowds were roaring for David! It was a solid performance and a solid night on American Idol for David Archuleta.....

Again... David sounded like an angel when he performed tonight! Way to go David!

Before tonight's show... my thoughts:

Yes, David Archuleta is a member of the LDS Church, for those asking the question. Could this have anything to do with his outrageous smile and his adorable responses when anyone looks at him? I don't know any of that for sure, but I do know that David Archuleta came in number one in the polls last week, as the Top American Idol Contestant... for now!

David Archuleta took back his number one spot following his sincere and warm performance of "Smokey Mountain Memories". This was pure David Archuleta in ArchuAdorable form... melting every heart in the house!

Fans of David Archuleta are waiting anxiously to once again, tonight on American Idol, see David Archuleta perform as only David can! I do not as yet know the theme for tonight's American Idol competition, so we will need to wait upon that information.

For all you fans of David Archuleta - don't stop dialing because he is on top... winners must be consistent you know! So dial dial dial away those cellphones tonight guys! You go David!

I will be back later tonight with an update on American Idol Top 8 performances....



David Archuleta - Smokey Mountain Memories Was Smokin HOT!

Who Cares IF David Archuleta Is A Mormon? What Does David Archuleta Being A Mormon Have To Do With Anything?

Great Questions:

I have been checking out some of the more popular blogs on American Idol and particularly, (duh?) interested in those that are discussing David Archuleta and the fact that David Archuleta is a Mormon! Who cares?

This comment from another David Archuleta blogger online:

  • "Brooke and David are judged based on their ability to entertain and their talent. We're in a new age now where religion and race form no boundaries. The thing Americans think about when they vote for their favourite contestant is how they performed, not their personal beliefs."

Now, does this sound reasonable to you as well? At first read, I thought, okay - I can buy that.... NOT! Let us reason together on this one. In fact, I am going to give you and those entertainers who deliver exactly what YOU want, a little more credibility!

  • Why we like our music? We like what the music is saying about us! We can "relate" in some way...

  • The music we choose to listen to, and even buy... is actually revealing about what we want to say to others!

  • We like how certain music makes us feel about "us" and also the "artist" that records "that" song, etc...
  • When we choose or "vote" for an Idol or a song, artist, whatever... are we not really picking the "messenger" behind the song?

Think about that for a while and we will talk more about why David Archuleta and Brooke White's Mormonism, matters...



David Archuleta Mormon - Smoking Mountain "Memories" Glorious!

American Idol Update Tonight's Show:

Paula said it was GLORIOUS! Does it really get any better than this for David Archuleta... yes! All three judges agreed tonight about David Archuleta's song choice of "Smokey Mountain Memories". was hot!

Dolly Parton met with David and worked on the the song together - and apparently Dolly was quite taken with David Archuleta's talent and abilities. Dolly Parton had to hold back the tears when she heard David singing her song. This is a song that is quite close to Dolly's heart and apparently she felt that David felt it too... and the way David sang it during rehearsals - well, it got to Dolly! David does that to people though:-)

But, yes - all three judges felt that tonight's performance for David Archuleta, and his song choice of "Smokey Mountains Memories" - was the best performance of the night - on American Idol.

David Archuleta did exactly what he needed to do tonight in order to keep his front running position in what is one of the toughest competitions on American Idol. This years top ten finalist are very talented and each week brings out a new surprise. But tonight's performance on American Idol, has no questions - sealed his spot for another week - on TOP!




OKAY... I've got the scoop:-) The Prom Update and David's 'girl'?

All of the sudden nobody cares about what the judges are saying about David Archuleta's music...

Girls everywhere caught the interview with Ryan Secrest before David sang... and all they heard was PROM! LOL

What we gather at this point - IS - that maybe.... I said MAYBE, the girl sitting next to David's dad IS the GIRL he wants to take to PROM!

More research is necessary, for all we know it was his SISTER!

About the "PROM" girl and the date... Apparently, American Idol may have set David up on this one. They asked David to bring a 'friend' to the American Idol show, that was a 'girl'! And then.... comes the questioning and the camera shots of this girl? Is it his girlfriend? I don't have that confirmed. But MTV did an interview on David Archuleta's High School campus a month earlier... guess who they interviewed?

Uh huh... the girl sitting next to David Archuleta's dad! Coincidence? You decide for yourself. 'She' does give up some pretty fun info on David's likes and dislikes. We can at least conclude this much... 'she' and David are good friends:-)


(yes, David can date. He is seventeen. Mormons begin dating in groups when they are sixteen:-) See... I am ahead of you. But did you hear him say that he might miss his PROM! TRAGIC....

Last week on American Idol:

American Idol Mormon, David Archuleta sang You're The Voice! On American Idol tonight! Randy and Paula were down with the performance although an unfamiliar song to both of them.

Simon on the other hand, felt that David probably did not even pick his own song tonight. Simon said he felt it was kind of like an amusement park melody... something like that:-)

I say... I enjoy it most when David sings more ballad like songs. I enjoyed the performance, but I am kind of with Paula and Randy on this one.... I want more familiar music and then I can judge with more confidence.

But David is adorable and we love him and he is going forward on the road to most like the win on American Idol.



Tonight is BIG! Top Ten finalist will compete... American Idol is now heating up the competition. Will David Archuleta raise his game even higher?

Video will be available as soon as it hits the Internet - HERE! Along with reviews from the judges all of them. We will check out the blogosphere on David Archuleta as well and find out if he is remaining hot!

David Archuleta - A Thousand Miles - Two Years Ago! WOW

David Archuleta Is a Mormon American Idol Contestant

Last week on American Idol:

Tonight is BIG! Top Ten finalist will compete... American Idol is now heating up the competition. Will David Archuleta raise his game even higher?

Video will be available as soon as it hits the Internet - HERE! Along with reviews from the judges all of them. We will check out the blogosphere on David Archuleta as well and find out if he is remaining hot!

More to come...

Last Week On American Idol: Reports coming in from Hollywood, are that a Hurricane has STRUCK the United States... by the name of David Archuleta!

David Archuleta is nothing less the the "standard" by which all other performances by Idol contestants are NOW being compared! Simon "says" that David Archuleta's performance of "The Long And Winding Road" was masterful! In other words... sheer poetry, or the finest of the fine arts in music! Now... that is big!

David, as usual.... smiled as only David Archuleta can grin the David grin:-) Paula could not help herself... and gushed all over David - as she described his purity and show of character as a person and performer in how he returned this week and even took and raised his own bar!

(ArchuAdorable has been used to describe David Archuleta by one of our own bloggers here... CheeseHeadMormon. LOL)

Randy started off the judges comments by losing all composure where David is concerned and declared wildly that David's hotness was in the house!

Yes.... it was a good night on American idol for David Archuleta... But of course - LdsNana-AskMormon knew it would be.

A guy like David Archuleta is predictable and that is what we depend on... those of us going the distance on the long and winding road with David!

Well done David... you are true to who you are and why people continue to keep watching and listening.




Last Week; Idols sang Beatles songs this week, which left David Archuleta with the need to work it out before next week. Because David is not going anywhere! He is stying on top where he belongs.

Consensus on the blogs right now following Davids performance of"We Can Work It Out" - is that , this must be his theme song for the next week!

Everyone seems to have plenty of confidence in him still. But.... if you saw Chekezie tonight... David better raise his bar! And we know he can!

Come on David... we are all pulling for you man!


Last week Paula was happy to know that David Archuleta was fallible -- a note off! What ever!

This week.... she still loves David:-)

Just about the time you think it could be the year for a Mormon Idol, who is a woman... enters in, another Mormon Hottie, who just happens to be a guy!

What's the deal here? I had thought that I would just stand by Brooke White. Admittedly, because she is a Mormon woman, like me.... and I kind of like that... But, David Archuleta can simply not be passed by, or then for sure - I would be exposed as bias amongst the 'Mormons'. LOL

American Idol David Archuleta - A Mormon Hottie!

Sing it David!
Sing it David!
David Archuleta Singing His Heart Out On American Idol
David Archuleta Singing His Heart Out On American Idol
Sweet Seventeen Has Rarely Seen This Kind Of Talent - David Makes You Stand Up!
Sweet Seventeen Has Rarely Seen This Kind Of Talent - David Makes You Stand Up!

American Idol Top Ten Finalist Perform Tonight!

Here is the list for the Top Ten American Idol finalist that will go on tour following American Idol Competition. (listed alphabetically)

  • David Archuleta
  • Jason Castro
  • Chikezie - voted off 3/26

  • David Cook
  • Kristy Lee Cook
  • Michael Johns - voted off 4/9
  • Ramiele Malulay - voted off 4/2
  • Syesha Mercado
  • Carly Smithson - voted off 4/23
  • Brook White - voted off 4/30 :-(

Mormon Youth, Brooke and David Are Awesome On Idol!

Okay... you are on to me now! These kids are Mormon and this LdsNana is a sucker for the youth of the LDS Church. I am killer proud of these two, that have made it to this point in the American Idol jouney to fame! Not that I am necessarily pulling for them to get famous, because I am not so sure that is the best life for anyone.

I am just excited to have two really good kids, with strong moral values have an opportunity to share that part of themselves with so many. As some of you are aware, if you have read my Hub about the Mormon youth... I am inspired by everything about them, when they stand so all against the popular currents of the day!

David On American Idol... Working The Judges And Breaking Some Hearts!

David Archuleta Might be American Idol's Best Yet!

This is hilarious.... I just did a search, looking to find a picture of David Archuleta -- top page of Google - I find his picture, right there... not a link, but an actual little thumbnail. I click it on... and it is a betting website.... LOL

HEADLINE: "David Archuleta Might be American Idol's Best Yet"


Nice Mormon Hottie boy, inspires betting across America! Who knew? Not me!

Well, I won't throw any money down for a guess between David Archuleta and Brooke White, but I would say that the odds of both of them doing quite well on American Idol are definitely high!

Girls All Love Idol Archuleta!

IMAGINE... David Archuleta and Brooke White In A Showdown? Whoa!

Do you think this is possible? Do you think that they are both good enough to meet each other face to face at the very end? No... don't bet on it... I am not encouraging betting here. If I were, I would have named said website, or even better - provided you with a link! But I didn't...

American Idol Showdown: David Archaleta versus Brooke White! What will members of the LDS Church do? How will they handle a division of loyalties?

NO... I just can't go there right now! Let's just take this week by week for right now.... alright? We will cross that bridge when... I mean IF, WE come to it.

But... can you imagine it? This could be BIG!

Just Another Mormon Idol... American David Archuleta?

David is a mere 17-years-old...
David is a mere 17-years-old...

American Idol Contestants Just Having Some Fun!

David Archuleta...  the shy one to the far right:-)
David Archuleta... the shy one to the far right:-)

LdsNana Just Having Some Fun With David And Brooke And American Idol! Mormons Can Have Fun You Know?

Well, maybe you didn't know! Forgiven.

For those of you, who would like to have a little fun too... following both David and Brooke along the Hollywood trail... and partake of the drama of American Idol - hang with me for the next few weeks!

Not only will we have fun, but I honestly believe that you will get to know Mormon youth and just what they stand for.... way better than I could have ever shown you all by myself.

So... David - like I told Brooke... LdsNana-AskMormon is watching you and wishing you the best!

I promise... this will be FUN!

Is David Archuleta Just Dreaming or Is He Living Reality?

YIKES.... LdsNana Along With Paula Has FALLEN! This Mormon Hottie May Very Well, Be Unstoppable!

Shall we all just watch and see... oh, are you in now too?



LdsNana-AskMormon's Acknowledgements and Requests...

If you enjoyed this hub, please give it a thumbs-up:-) Thanks.

I would also like to acknowledge all those throughout the American Idol season, over on You Tube, who have made these videos available so close following the competition performances.

Also, thank you to for the great photos, that for the most part are the pictures that I have posted of David Archuleta.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this hub:-)


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