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Funny and witty quotes about life

Updated on August 20, 2013

This time I present you quotes about life, taken not only from famous people, but from my own experience as well. We all have something to say, it’s only that we are afraid that no one will like it. Well, in that case one doesn’t have to listen to you, does he? Besides, there is always someone who will admire it and learn something new. Hopefully, the quotes I have written in this hub are not hopeless.

My own experience and quotes about life

Sometimes the whole success thing in life is about being at the right place in the right time. (My own quote)

So much people desperately write articles about making money online and the same people may still be earning nothing. (My own quote)

My life is like climbing the mountain. I succeed when I take small steps and rest periodically. I mostly fail when I try to reach the mountain peak running towards it. (My own quote)

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if there was no electricity, no hubs, no internet, no online games and no Google. I guess, we would have to go out, use our hands and feet and live in reality much more often. (My own quote)

We always say “there is no free lunch”, though when we find it in our way, we eat it rapidly, foolishly convinced that someone “likes” us. (My own quote)

When we don’t want to tell the truth and lie at the same time we usually say “it’s complicated”. (My own quote)

Someone said that we only live once, so grab what you can, live to the fullest. On the other hand, when you are done, there is no “back” or “load previous” button is it? (My own quote)

The most important decisions are often made quickly, though most of the time is spent arguing about petty and meaningless things. (Source unknown)

More quotes about life from famous people

Stay away from people who try to downgrade your goals and dreams. Such behavior characterizes shoddy people, the opposite of which are the great men, who help you believe in your success. (M. Twain)

Life is the same as a theatre performance. The most important is how do they act and not how long does it last. (Seneca)

We live from what we get, but we create our lives from what we give. (W. Churchill)

You have to live a long life and get old to realize how short it is. (A. Schopenhauer)

There are no better tales than the ones taken out from our life. (M. A. Nekse)

Everyone wants to live a long life, though nobody wants to get old. (J. Swift)

A man spends all his life in anticipation and dies still having some hope. (Voltaire)

Life is a mountain: we climb up quite slow, though we go down pretty fast. (Guy de Maupassant)

If you want to live a happy life, find some purpose to live for, not people or material things. (Einstein)

That last but not least

There are no courses for beginners in life: everyone is given the trickiest tasks right from the start. (R. M. Rilke)

Life is a piece for unaccompanied violin in front of the audience, only you have to learn using it during the concert. (S. Butler)

Life is a comedy for the ones who think and a tragedy for the ones who feel. (Martin Larney)

Sometimes God let’s cutting the branch we are holding on so stubbornly, only to realize that we have wings to fly. (B. Ferrero)

Don’t try to live forever, you will fail. (G. B. Shaw)

Life needs action. (Aristotle)

Life is a journey. The less luggage we take, the more experiences we will have. (H. Schygulla)

When life is good, there is no point in arguing what’s the purpose of life. (R. Bradbury)

When you have set the main goal in life, you can arrange less important things. A painter, even with his paint ready, will not draw anything, if he doesn’t know what he should draw. We make mistakes, because we set our minds on the parts of life, instead of contemplating about the whole life. The archer wishing to release the arrow must know the target and only then aim and shoot. Our plans drift without any target. There is no fair wind for a sailor who doesn’t know where to sail. (L. A. Seneca)

That's all I have found worth reading from quotes about life theme. Sometimes I come up with the funny and interesting idea worth mentioning, but the next minute, hour or day I usually forget what the idea was about. I guess, this is just life - we often forget so many usefull and valuable things and put our interest in stuff that doesn't matter after all.

Life quotes


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  • Tomygun profile image

    Tomygun 6 years ago from Vilnius

    Thanks, Gajanis. This one is also quite nice.

  • gajanis786 profile image

    gajanis786 6 years ago

    Very nice .....let me add one here too.....

    "Loveless life is a fruitless tree,but friendless life is a rootless tree.Tree can live without fruit, but not without root.So don't forget sincere friends".