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We All Have a Pulse

Updated on November 11, 2022
The Stages Of ME profile image

Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

We all have a pulse

We all have a PULSE

Are you trying to figure something out?

Are you trying to get answers to questions?

Are you a person and not a piece of furniture?

Then you have one


It means you’re alive

It makes you real

Your heart beats as a reminder.

In the center of this fantastic reality lies the ingredient of choice

Free will

It can be revolutionary.

God allows it

We can use our will for selfless, non-manipulative pure works for the greater good.

But, if our intention is of trickery or ill-thought, self-serving for deceit or revenge.

It can be destructive and devastating.

’it’s a balancing act,

On a tightrope of which way we may slip in response to that will

The Holy Spirit reveals knowledge; are we listening?

Imagine the possibilities with the gift of the Spirit; all you need is faith and belief in the triune God.

The Holiest Spirit, with the brilliant glow of our Lord, is guiding us through our stages.

Remember, stages change with different scenes, lighting, happy and sad sets, clear steps, and confusing settings.

Right and wrong stages, but we share our location.

We are all at this stage of life, just in different settings.

We all have functional roles and bad roles.

We all need to experience life and understand only when we figure things out there come a new scene and ACTION!

Sometimes you get to play the right guy.

Sometimes you get to play the bad guy.

Sometimes you get to be the teacher.

Sometimes you get to be the student.

Sometimes you get to be the question.

Sometimes you get to be the answer.

Sometimes you get to understand.

Sometimes you don’t get to do anything.

One day, if we have Faith and Believe, we get to meet the Director,

And He wrote the script.

He is, was, and will be everything.

No Matter What!

No matter what trust the one who gives the pulse

We will have tough times, hard times, split times, and not fun times. We will have, happy, memorable, and euphoric times of great joy. People outside your windows will always try to look in and understand your experience. They want to relate to your scene or, at least, learn something from you.

A society that craves knowledge, and people assume they know everything. They become shocked when not sure what to do when faced with a similar event. To consider if we can ignore and understand things we could control our life is laughable as the flesh lies.

We to shelter ourselves from the beating pulse of life when slows too much or speeds up too fast, ’Let’s be honest; we want healthy. But what is normal? What if our idea isn’t reasonable, and it changes, as it will? What if normal is to eat no longer, or drive or use spoken the language? We are so used to our routine, or are we lost? We even try to protect it, because if we admit it, we love whatever we consider as usual.

But, you can rely on what is constant, the one who gave us our PULSE! Life has a pulse a rushing of blood pumping through our veins. We hope to have peace both inside and outside of our physical self. Our pulse of life gets too fast sometimes, and sometimes it gets too slow. Sometimes we want a break, more of the euphoria; we want to breathe. We wish for life to stay still and quiet when ’it’s as near perfect as we can imagine.

The pulse is always present. We notice it when we exercise, sometimes we can even hear it. What if the vibration it stopping? When that happens, it doesn’t matter because what remains is that which gave us our pulse, to begin with, if we know what is constant. God is faithful, He is everything, no matter what others believe, or how lost you may be in your standard.

NO MATTER WHAT! Talk to God; He will guide you if we are open to Him and His whispers. God decides how our pulse will be in response to the life He has provided, and He determines how others will react to it. Our Father will choose when you are to be healthy and when you are to show weakness. His strength gives you faith, love, and even humor in difficult times.

Understand stuff will come against you, but you are never alone with your stuff. How we field the curveballs is so essential, and we will have our moments, but in these moments, try to remember ’God’s grace. Act according to the grace that God gives to you and things will be okay. Let go of figuring out and trust who gave you the pulse. The pulse of His Spirit is grace and mercy, loving one another in the highs and lows. Come alongside one another while not necessarily in agreement, but in unconditional love, no matter what.

God gives grace so share it

One person is not more important to God than you as we are all made in His image. Others will judge and assume and decide how you should be, react, or even feel. They believe they recognize a better way for you to be. They think they can do your role better. Try not to worry about that. There is a reason He did not cast them in your purpose even when they are in your scene. They are essential, and so are their feelings because they, too, are vital to God. We are not part of every role.

God gave you the lead for this one, and He will direct you. Here is the tough part, there will be times you play the Villain, and other times you play the right guy. No part is less important to the growth He has designed for you. Don’t improvise too much in the scenes. His direction is perfect.

The outcome is a happy ending even when we ’can’t see it when we are in the show. Life is so temporal and therefore not surprising we struggle with letting go of His Spirit. Control is a tricky thing when we have it; we may lose it. To have too much control can empower us to a high state, and then we spiral downward. The desire to control is not healthy unless releasing it to a power greater than self, a force that will reign in its purpose.

Denying self, yet reacting with self-control, is the peaceful use of control. Realize you’re never in control when it consumes you, and better able to have control when guided to simple refrain, of a power not of self. The pulse in your veins ignites when released to the power of the one who gives us that pulse.

God loves you no matter what. He gave you your pulse. Be sure to share the enthusiasm of all you can do with this life when counting on the God who gave us our life pulse.

Ordinary people can be extrordinary

Pulse by Melissa Etheridge Honoring the Orlando victims

The song pulse was written honoring the Orlando tragedy victims!

"I am human, and my heartbeats in my blood, love will always win cause underneath the skin everybody's got a pulse."

everybody has a pulse, use it to love one another, hands up if you're alive!!!!

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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