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Witch's Iron Cauldron

Updated on October 25, 2017

Perfect Decoration Yes

I stumbled unto this small iron cauldron quite by accident. I was looking to make a witch's cauldron for Halloween and thought I would do some internet browsing on the subject. Lo and behold! A real witch's cauldron, though miniature, it must be usable if it is made of cast iron. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I do know that it will be adorable sitting on my porch filled with candy, next to my broom and crystal ball. My set now is nearly complete, I have my broom, my hat, and my crystal ball. I feel so unnerved and excited. It must be a sign from the goddess. Oh yeah, Halloween is coming right along. Except for the candy, I keep buying it and it keeps disappearing.

Cooking Pot Maybe

A multitude of meals over the years have been prepared in pots a lot like this one. Right after the Stone Age was the Bronze Age, so metal pots have been used for a very long time. Back as far 2000 BCE and 3000 BCE in varying parts of the world, metal was used not only for weapons but also for tools and cooking implements.

It was about 800 BCE in the Iron Age, and before that at the end of Bronze Age, when iron became the favorite useful metal. Before that bronze, silver, gold, and lead were the metals used. Once iron was introduced it became popular for cooking utensils and remains so to this day. I have an iron skillet and I use it fairly often. Even if this little cauldron can not be used for cooking, I still love it. It is a wonderful connection with the distant past.

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Glittery Green Decoration

Green with Envy Glittery Witchy Pair of Legs Halloween Decor
Green with Envy Glittery Witchy Pair of Legs Halloween Decor

These witchy legs will look great on the porch by the cauldron.




© 2013 Linda Hahn

Hello Little Witches!

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