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Happy Saturnalia.., Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Winter Solstice...Who´s Right?

Updated on December 2, 2012
A Merry Xmas  no, sorry, Happy Saturnalia ........
A Merry Xmas no, sorry, Happy Saturnalia ........

May we please, just enjoy our holiday?

Have you fixed your replica of 'the mayflower' ship, sailed by The Pilgrim Fathers, to the top of your Thanksgiving tree? NO?.. Then I'm sure you had a beautiful Stars and Stripes flag on top of your 4th of July tree? NO?.........Deary me, you are slipping in this politically correct world that is being thrust upon us. You'd better begin preparing your Easter bunny or an ornamental egg for the top of your Easter tree. NO? Why ever not? They are all holidays, aren't they? People will soon be putting up their holiday trees for december 25th ! Oh no they won't. They'll be putting up x...m..a..s...... trees......or Christ...m..a..s trees, depending on your beliefs, but it surely is not a 'holiday tree'. If it were, then where are all the trees for the other holidays ?

I'm getting a bit tired of being told things like don't have a cross on your bumper sticker in some states. (maybe KKK would be alright would it, since they are a minority now,?) It's beginning to be in one place after another that you dare not display a christian symbol. Take down the Nativity scene, but Hey! don't touch the menorah. Don't offend the jewish people. , and Heaven forbid we should offend the Koran. It's just Christians you can offend. That's fine. No christian symbols in christian countries . Eh? I'm surprised no-one has yet defaced the bible verses on the wall of the United Nations., Or maybe that is because the verses come from the Hebrew scriptures, or Old Testement, so the PC mob leave it alone , thinking it's jewish. Hello! ! Jesus was a jew but taught Christianity. A full subject in itself not suitable to put here.

Believe it or not I'm angry about this "holiday tree'' palaver even though I don't personally celebrate xmas in the conventional way.

I was brought up in a strict catholic household. I have cousins who are nuns and one priest...Midnight Mass was considered unsuitable for children in our family. We had to go to bed early so that Santa Claus could creep in while we slept.. On xmas morning we opened our 'stockings' which were really a sock each of dad's. (biggest socks) that we would have placed , empty, at the foot of our beds the night before. Miraculously the socks would be filled with all sorts of goodies. Then we'd go downstairs to breakfast and open just one present each ( I have 3 brothers).................then Mass. We had to go to Mass first, it was the important thing , being Christs' birthday, think of him 1st , then whoopee.! a whole day of opening presents and playing with new toys.

When I grew up, I carried on the family tradition with my own children, . At least I did until the day I read an article that not only told me that December 25th was NOT christs' birthday, but horror of horrors to me, december 25th had originally been a pagan holiday.!. In fact, stated the article, no-one actually knows the date of Jesus' birth..This shocked me into doing some research, well quite a lot of research because I couldn't believe what I was discovering andI didn't like it. I was so disappointed to find that it's true. No-one knows the exact date of the birth of christ. Search, scour , the bible as much as you like......It's not there.. (If anyone out there can tell me 'o yes it is' please do . I'd be grateful to hear from you.

What I did find was the date of Jesus death and resurrection, by comparing old jewish calenders,with modern day ones. The jewish month of Nisan corresponds with the 2nd half of March and the 1st half of April. Nisan 14th being the night of the passover celebrations. The gospels leave us in no doubt that it was the night of the Passover that Jesus was arrested and later killed.. "Ah, I'm getting somewhere, I thought. Easter is always March or April"....But...yes I did find pagan festivals all around 25th of December. The ancient Persians worshipped a god called Mythra, who had been 'born out of rock with a sword in one hand and a torch in the other '

Also the Roman Saturnalia was at this time of year, the winter solstice, return of the invincible sun. (the encyclopedia Americana, The New Catholic encyclopedia.) Everything I found concerned 'light' or 'sun' , I couldn't help but think of the son of God bringing spiritual light into the world with his beautiful teachings.

It seems the pagan celebrations and the christian beliefs merged into one holiday when Emperor Constantine wanted to keep his Empire at peace. He wanted no more problems with those 'rebellious christians' preaching their 'new religion'. so the "dies natalis Solis Invicti." (birthday of the invincible sun) became christmas...

Having a holiday from work and shouting "Hail Saturnalia"is not so different from a holiday from work and calling out "happy Xmas" if you are allowed to do that..........which brings me back to "Happy holiday and the Holiday tree".

I've been accused of NOT being a Christian since I gave up the tree and the decorations. Yet I try to read the words of Jesus in the gospels everyday, and pass on anything encouraging I find to people who need it. I know Christ is my saviour, and I celebrate every day the fact that he died for us. Without his sacrificial death we would have no hope of life beyond the 70, 80 or 90 yrs we spend on earth. How can I NOT be a Christian? Is someone who goes to church once a week ,then doesn't give Christ a thought until the following Sunday more christian than I am? It seems the answer is 'yes' if you'd speak to many of my catholic family. I am doomed.

My daughter and her family live so far away from us that when we travel the 3000 miles or so to her house for the 'holidays', we will arrive with lots of presents, I know my party loving girl will have arranged at least one family party while we are there.. We'll have meals with relatives, children, and cousins, probably eat a bit too much with old friends as well. Is that so different from the people who tell me I'm not a christian? Don't they celebrate in roughly the same manner?

I will be reading my bible. I will not be going to church...... I didn't take it too well as a child when I discovered that Santa Claus didn't exist. I felt cheated (guess I was an odd kid)but I'd have been just as happy if my dad had told me that there would be lots of surprises under the tree for me and my empty sock on the bed , he would fill while I slept.. I felt exactly the same when I found out that Christ was not born at Christmas. Good old Mithra was, out of a rock apparently.. , But this is just me... Why should it matter to anyone else ? Why should it matter to all the politically correct if people celebrate xmas as xmas....not a winter holiday. They'll be telling us what to think , next. Look out for the 'thought' police.

Meanwhile please, all of you out there enjoy whatever holiday you have , especially if you get the chance to be with family. Life is short. Find some joy in every day..........


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  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    7 years ago from Great Britain

    You sure have some interesting thoughts, AnnNoe, So happy to see you on my page again. Thank you very much for the comment.

  • AnnNoE profile image


    7 years ago from Roswell, New Mexico

    Due to severe depression I did not celebrate any holidays for a long time. Now I simply see the time together with family and friends as precious, no matter what the reason. But, once again, you have given us reason to think, my friend. Even my DH frequently asks - what are we putting under the aluminum (fill in the holiday) tree as a joke. BTW strange you would mention the 'thought police'. I'm currently re-reading Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984. I think we have come full circle back to what he feared most back then - the deterioration of people's (the individual's) rights, pretty much without a whimper. Blessing to you and yours.

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    9 years ago from Great Britain

    Thanks for the feedback, Shalina. Hope you enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate. x

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    9 years ago from Great Britain

    Thank you bayareagreatthing, I had't thought of it as stealing the festivities from the pagans. hee hee. That does make me smile. I appreciate you taking the time to answer me on this one. I'm sure we'll both have good times with our families over the holidays. God bless. x

  • Shalini Kagal profile image

    Shalini Kagal 

    9 years ago from India

    Dim - this political correctness thing is being carried a bit too far, methinks! And sadly, it's happening in other countries besides yours as well. Just takes all the human-ness out, doesn't it? Not to mention all the tradition and the believing.

  • bayareagreatthing profile image


    9 years ago from Bay Area California

    Thought police...very Orwellian!

    I always found it kind of cool that we stole the holiday away from the if we could just get that rainbow back...Great hub my friend! I tend to agree.


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