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2008-09 Indiana Pacers core line up

Updated on May 29, 2009

Indiana center Roy Hibbert

2008-09 Indiana Pacers core line-up

 With injuries to Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy the Indiana Pacers have had an opportunity to look at some other players on their roster.

Jarrett Jack and Troy Murphy have really stepped up and played well lately.  I think the Pacers have learned who should be the core line-up when everyone is healthy.  They should be starting T. J. Ford and Jarrett Jack as the guards.  Danny Granger and Troy Murphy at forward and Roy Hibbert at center.

Mike Dunleavy should be the sixth man and Jeff Foster should be the first big man off the bench.  Those seven players hould be pretty much locked into those positions.  The only exception is T. J. Ford.  Ford is a decent point guard but he has a tendency of turning the ball over at key times.  If the opportunity arrives to get a more stable point guard, the Pacers should do so, otherwise T. J. Ford is okay.

Roy Hibbert is struggling with foul problems but he has shown moments of being a very good center.  Remember he is still a rookie and will only improve.  As Hibbert improves and with the improvement of Murphy and Jack, Granger no longer has to carry the load for the team.  Bringing Dunleavy off of the bench will supply offensive punch to the second unit.  As the sixth man, Dunleavy should still be playing 25-30 minutes per game and will give leadership to the second unit.

I like the nucleus that I have set forth and I think this team would have a good chance of not only making the playoffs but also winning a series or two next season.


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