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2011 Winter X Games 15: Women's Snowboarding

Updated on January 26, 2011

January 25, 2011


Winter X Games 15 is just around the corner, and the excitement is building as the world's most elite athletes in extreme sports are coming together in Aspen, Colorado this week. With so many athletes to watch, it can be difficult to keep track of who's who. Here's a look at the ladies from the US who are set to compete in the snowboard events.


Three women from the US are set to compete in the Slopestyle event: Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman, and Janna Meyen-Weatherby.


Jamie Anderson, 20

Known for her skill in slopestyle, Jamie already has four Winter X medals stashed away, two of which are gold. Despite serious injuries in the 2009 season, she has pulled through and won many medals in only a few years. Hailing from Lake Tahoe, Jamie Anderson is definitely a star to watch this season.

Hana Beaman, 28

An old pro in slopestyle, Hana brings a lot of experience to the competition. With three silver medals in X Games Slopestyle, she may just pull off the gold this year.

Janna Meyen-Weatherby, 33

The veteran of the ladies slopestyle, Janna is back with hopes of gaining yet another medal at Winter X. She won four golds in a row, from 2003-2006, and she's still on top of her game. Janna has been riding since the 1989 when she lived near Big Bear, giving her a solid foundation of experience. Planning on retiring at the end of the 2012 season, Janna might just want to add some more metal to her collection.

Gretchen Bleiler
Gretchen Bleiler | Source


Seven American women will compete in the Superpipe event: Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, Kaitlyn Farrington, Elena Hight, Ellery Hollingsworth, Kelly Marren, and Hannah Teter.

Gretchen Bleiler, 29

With four gold medals in WX superpipe, Gretchen Bleiler is the one to beat. A two-time Olympian (with a silver medal), Gretchen is a very talented athlete, fashion designer, and creator of the all-girl halfpipe competition Snow Angels Invitational.

Kelly Clark, 27

Three-time Olympian with a gold medal in 2002, Kelly Clark is anything but new to the X Games. She has five medals in Winter X Superpipe and is one to watch in Games 15. Kelly grew up in Vermont and has been competing since age 16. Kelly Clark has a habit of winning, and it will be hard to break it.


Kaitlyn Farrington, 21

Fairly new to pro snowboarding, Kaitlyn is a rider to watch in upcoming competitions. With a decent season in 2009-10, she is bound to continue on up in the snowboarding world.

Elena Hight, 21

Originally from the land without winter (Hawaii), Elena Hight makes herself right at home in the snow. Despite her young age, she has already competed in two Olympics, and she continues to make waves among the competition.

Ellery Hollingsworth, 19

Ellery is definitely one to watch in WX 15 - at only 19, she has incredible power that shows true potential. In 2009, she was the first female to land a 1080 in Superpipe. Ellery grew up snowboarding in Vermont where she attended Stratton Mountain School.


Hannah Teter
Hannah Teter | Source

Kelly Marren, 19

Growing up taking gymnastics, Kelly has the skills that it takes to be a top rider. Now a student at Stanford University, Kelly Marren is making her second appearance at the X Games this year.

Hannah Teter, 24

Growing up in a snowboarding family, Hannah is a natural on the snow. A major competitor, she took home the gold in the 2006 Olympics and the silver in the 2010 Olympics. Hannah is no stranger to the X Games, and she's bound to bring all her game to WX 15.


At least two women from the US are set to compete in this year's Snowboard Cross event: Joanie Anderson and Lindsay Jacobellis.

Joanie Anderson, 24

Although Joanie Anderson is skilled at halfpipe, her best event is SBX. She's won silver and gold medals in SBX at Winter X Games in the past and could come away with another medal this year. Her sister Jamie is also competing in Slopestyle (see above).

Lindsey Jacobellis
Lindsey Jacobellis | Source

Lindsey Jacobellis, 25

A fan favorite in snowboard cross, Lindsey Jacobellis has won six gold medals at Winter X as well as a silver medal at the 2006 Olympics. Originally from Vermont, Lindsey has a very high chance of going home with yet another gold medal.

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