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2011 Winter X Games 15 - Snowboarding Events

Updated on January 26, 2011

January25, 2011


In many respects, the X Games are the most exciting and most popular winter sports event of the year. Known for their displays of extreme cutting-edge sport action, the X Games bring some of the world's most talented and brave athletes together for a spectacular competition.

Winter X Games 15 will be held in Aspen, Colorado from January 27 to January 30, 2011. Anticipation is building as snowboarders from around the world are readying their snowboards, skis, and snowmobiles and gathering together in the mountains of Colorado this week. The weather forecast seems to indicate some snowfall before Thursday, with sunny skies over the rest of the week. With a good base of snow already, conditions should be great for the X Games.


The snowboard events at the Winter X Games are always incredibly fun to watch, and with some new events this year, you won't want to miss it! There are six snowboard events this year: Slopestyle, Superpipe, SBX, Best Method, Big Air, and the latest addition, Real Snow.



The Slopestyle event is held on a prepared run that has been set up with ramps and rails, giving riders a freestyle setting for them to show whichever tricks they choose. Competitors must strive to gain air and perform a variety of high-scoring tricks.


The superpipe event is a huge fan favorite. A giant halfpipe gives riders the chance to showcase their best tricks and flips. Although Shaun White has dominated superpipe in the past, many other extremely talented riders are ready to stir up the snow this year.


Snowboard cross (or SBX or Boarder-cross) is the only X Games snowboard competition based solely on speed. Competitors race down a bumpy, curvy track in an effort to be the first across the finish line. The close quarters of the riders and high speeds can be a dangerous combination - the results are never predictable.

Best Method

The Best Method event is a ten-minute jam session in which the athletes will compete for who can style the best method. This event is unique in that it is viewer-judged - you can vote through text messaging or online.

Big Air

In the Big Air event at the X Games, competitors ride off a giant snow ramp and over a big gap, attempting to get a lot of air, style some tricks, and land clean. The size of this jump is a lot bigger than you might think. Last year's gap was 85 feet wide!

Real Snow

The latest addition to the Winter X Games is the Real Snow event. This is actually a video competition that features eight snowboarders showcasing their skills in non-resort street settings. These extreme athletes use buildings, railings, fences, etc. to shoot jumps and tricks. Each competitor has submitted a 60-second video, and a panel of judges will award medals during the time of the X Games. A street setting is being set up for a jam session for the competitors to perform before a live audience. Watch the Real Snow videos online, or catch them on televsion on January 29.


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