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5 Best Headlamps For Sale Online

Updated on October 21, 2011

What's the first thing you think of one you think of a headlamp? I bet you imagine the worst: some stranger running through the dark, looking like a fool, with a headlamp wrapped around his forehead... Am I right?

Sure, headlamps don't look the 'coolest', but that doesn't mean they aren't very effective or practical; it's quite the opposite, actually. A good headlamp can save you a lot of trouble - as well as save you from any kind of accident in the dark - as well make like much easier on you.

But what are the best headlamps? What are the best headlamps for sale online? Ultimately it will depend on what kind of headlamp you're looking for. You can find the best headlamps for running, for 2011, for camping, biking, fishing; or, perhaps, you want to find the best backpacking headlamp or the best caving headlamp... whatever the case if you've come here then you've already accepted the fact you don't care what you look like - you just want of the top headlamps to buy online.


5 Best Headlamps For Online


Best Headlamps For Running

Running in the dark: it's fun, a little scary, exhilarating, a good way to spend the evening. Running with a headlamp? That much more fun - and that much easier. Headlamps for running - both sprinting and long-distance - are some of the more popular headlamps for sale.


Because they are the most effective and the most useful. They allow you to see where you're running - so you don't trip - as well as alert other people, or vehicles, that you're in the area.

Things you should look for to find the best headlamps for running:

  • LED lights - LED headlamps project strong beams which are perfect for running.
  • Some headlamps, the best ones, have red taillights, or some kind of light to alert others.
  • Battery life
  • Settings: dimness, strobe, strength

One of the best example of a good headlamp for running is the Black Diamond sprinter headlamp. It has all of the features mentioned above and, furthermore, is a very cheap headlamp for running.


Best Headlamps For Biking

Headlamps for biking, or cycling, are an entirely different breed of headlamp. What do I mean? I mean that the more popular and the best headlamps for biking are not headlamps that go around your head but are, instead, headlamps that mount on you're bike.

Okay, so, then, maybe it's not really a headlamp and if you really want to be picky you can buy another kind of headlamp to wear when biking. But the best option, as well as the cheapest, and most effective option for finding the best headlamps for biking are ones that mount on the bike itself.

One of the best headlamps for biking, is the Black Tilos LED Headlamp:


  • Water-proof headlamp
  • Powerful LED light
  • hands-free use
  • 4 settings
  • Full Warranty


Best Headlamps For Sale 2011

With the constant evolution and improvement of technology it's sometimes hard to keep up. Year after year new technologies, or products, are improved upon. And it's no different with 2011 headlamps to buy online. Some of the best headlamps for sale are 2011 headlamps.

Such as:

  • Energizer Headlamps
  • EverReady Headlamps
  • Brunton Headlamps


Best Caving Headlamp

You might be wondering what are the highest quality headlamps; or what are the best of the best headlamps? Caving headlamps are far the most superior headlamp to buy. Why? Because it's the most durable, has the most features, is built to last the longest, and, in the end, is made for the sole purpose to light up the darkest of places in the easiest of ways.

One of the best caving headlamps is the Fenix HP20 LED Waterproof headlamp. It features a cool design, comes at a relatively cheap price, and is made for caving. Furthermore it's comfortable and is good for all ages.


  • Drive-by-wire biswitch, simple and fast operation
  • Digitally regulated output
  • Light head and made of durable aircraft aluminum.



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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hi AndrewI haven't created any hub pages yet but can see why it could be whwotrhile. Too much else to do at the present time but this could come in handy in the new year.Have already set goals and this may have to be added. Will I even have time to sleep in 2011 lolThanks for all your encouragement since I began my journey this year Andrew. Much appreciated.Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2011 be all you hope for.Patricia Perth Australia Patricia recently posted..

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      omg. And i thought your coisun Tristan got this absent-mindedness from his Dad's side of the family! I think Tristan got a double wammy from Albrecht and Stevensons sides.From the top of my head this is what Tristan lost recently-winter coat, yes in winter-one TD bank card-another TD bank card after waiting one hour for the replacement of the first-underarmour winter hat-new Columbia rain /athletic coat-all pencils, pens, crayons from his pencil cases at school-school lunch bags (lost count)-ski gloves (every year)-last year we had 6 math texts at our house because he forgot he had one at home and kept bringing more-and yes we've had ipods, keys, jeans lost on a regular basis-is there any help for this infliction?

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      7 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Awesome. I'm smiling a big smile. Great well written & awesome affiliate marketing. Awesome job.

      I work where there is a warehouse full of tires on pallet racks. During the winter one year there were bunches of miss-pulls. Bedlam ensued of this or that. Then, I jumped on eBay, found some inexpensive headlamps, brought them to work, set them on the warehouse mgr desk, and quietly went on my way.

      Problem solved.


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